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  1. I either do a telephone or in person interview with the client, following the questions on the 8867. I know my EITC clients, but I explain to them that the IRS doesn't care that I know them, that I have to ask them these questions and get the documentation. When the client picks up the return, I have them sign the 8867 after I review their answers with them.
  2. ******************** This is awesome!
  3. Let's hope the Bozos in DC don't pass tax changes on January 2nd, 2014 for the 2013 season like they did last year.
  4. I don't think any of my clients would use an organizer (well, maybe one or two). It's an effort to get most of them to sign the engagement letter, the bank account verification document, and the 8879. They think I'm their personal assistant.
  5. I have one client who always questions why his two daughters' returns costs more than his. Both daughters have UTMA accounts, and live at home. The older daughter is not responsible, so everytime she's short money to pay for her auto insurance, she withdraws money from this account (as her mother is making monthly payments to it) resulting in wash sales, and capital gains/losses. The 1099-Bs never had cost basis (except now that their broker transferred all of their money to different funds, cost basis now has to be provided). Their broker wouldn't figure out the basis, so I had to do it. Plus the daughters (and the parents) for some stupid reason can't call to get this info, so I'm the one who ends up on hold. Both daughters are over 19, they are not in school, and client doesn't understand why he can't claim them.
  6. I don't mention in writing that my fees are increasing. If a client asks about the fee before they drop off their stuff, I will mention anything new that pertains to their situation, the increase in CPEs because of changes in the tax law, new forms required as a result of these changes, increased software costs and because of that, I am increasing the fees.
  7. If anyone is following this, TaxWise just released the 706 program for the 2012 TaxWise application. Illinois form 700 is not included.
  8. Taxalmanac has been up and down for the past 3 weeks.
  9. Last year, I offered PayPal. Only one client took me up on it.
  10. I've more than 'met' the requirement. I'm taking additional classes because I need them to better myself.
  11. Mixed case, easier for me to read and looks nicer. It would be very easy for the software to convert lower case to upper case for the actual printing of the forms (I know, because I am a computer programmer and I have software where I do convert the cases). The invoices, letters, and schedules are so much easier to read with mixed case.
  12. ************************ Which is very rare. Many individuals couldn't resist the urge to 'recruit' their employers' client. I know when I took the Block course, they wouldn't consider someone who had a small side business.
  13. ***************** I KWYM. I have one client who always has some sort of sale with Lucent/Alcatal/ATT. I've pretty much given up because he hasn't kept any of his statements, so his basis ends up being zero. I was lucky with the other clients (all from the same family) because I got the activity from day one, they were mutual bonds, so I just averaged them out.
  14. ************************** Nope, but I did notice that public libraries recycle paper this way.
  15. ******************* MAS, the only time I follow the Bears is when they are in the play offs. I'm not a football fan.
  16. When a client expects me to make a call to their broker to get cost basis, I remind them that I will charge the accordingly for my time on hold. I also tell them that the broker has the information to compute cost basis and if they tell the client 'your tax preparer can do that', I remind them that they have to pay for this time. This extra time is detailed on my invoice for the client to see. My biggest gripe is the K1s from PTPs. I show the client the State schedule and if any of the states have a higher income, I explain that I have to research each state to see if I have to file a NR return. Each year, I increase the base 1040 by $5.00. I evaluate the more complicated forms and sometimes charge by line. If they complain about the cost (I'm cheaper than Block, plus I give most of the clients a discount), I go through the invoice. I did fire one client last year because I was tired of his annual 'whine' about the fees and his other off color comments. My biggest complainers are the one's that require many forms and usually end up owing.
  17. I will take printed paper that does not have sensitive information on it and cut it into 4 sheets and put them in my note holder. I almost always have a coupon when we go out to eat (we always tip on the full amount, usually 18 percent). At Christmas time, when restaurants give a $5 bonus certificate for every $20 or $25 worth of gift cards, I'll stock up on the cards (use some for gifts, the others, we use for ourselves, plus we have the bonus certificates!) I pay large bills with a credit card that has rewards for gasoline at a specific chain. One time, I got gas at 90 cents a gallon! I always pay the credit card off each month. My business credit card rewards program is gift cards, I always get the restaurant gift cards. I save the used dryer sheets and on another load, I can use two of the used ones.
  18. *********************************** I'm from the Chicago area and I didn't hear this.
  19. Jack, thanks for the info. Can you share why Windows 8 Pro isn't recommended? I'm currently shopping for my new desktop and I was leaning towards Windows 8 Pro. I do have a Windows 7 Pro laptop.
  20. I have the business module forTaxwise 2012. I need to fill out a 706 and couldn't find it on the list for downloading. I talked to tech support and they couldn't find it in the CCH website. Does anyone have the 2012 program for 706? The 2011 program is on the CCH site.
  21. I'm going with TaxWise again. It was OK last year, so I'll give it another shot. I get it from Ultimate Tax Service and so far their service has been excellent.
  22. PayPal can also be used as a Mastercard. Check your account. I have a Mastercard card for mine.
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