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  1. I use this site for Iowa. There are also alot of other states available. https://beacon.schneidercorp.com/ Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota
  2. I got the letter typed up and ready to go. Thanks again for ALL your assistance.
  3. Thanks! I got it. And yes I also type up the letter for mom.
  4. US Citizen made $45,000 and Mom did not work at all, he was sending her money all year each month. So should I say Yes to this question? TaxACT is stating that all 3 items must be answered YES: legally adopted child or lawfully placed with taxpayer for legal adoption, taxpayer is citizen of US, the child has the same main home as the taxpayer and member of the household.
  5. The SS card could take 6-9 months to received. Taxpayer really wants to file now and not wait for that. But that might be an option for him. I have the W-7 completed and was going to submit the form with tax return. However my program is indicating since the dependent didnt live in the US more than 31 days that she cant be a claimed.
  6. I just need clarification on what I am reading in Pub 519 and TaxAct is telling me. TaxACT is stating that all 3 items must be answered YES: legally adopted child or lawfully placed with taxpayer for legal adoption, taxpayer is citizen of US, the child has the same main home as the taxpayer and member of the household. Well I have to say no to adoption, because he is not adopting her. However he has supported her for over 5 years while she was in the Philippians. US Taxpayer filed for his fiance to enter the US with a K-1 visa along with her daughter on a K-2 (9 years old). Spouse and the child entered the US from the Philippians on 12/14/2016 and then married 1 week later. The spouse has received her SS card, however the daughter cant receive hers until she is approved with USCIS for her resident card. Since K-2 holder was in US less than 31 days, she cant be claimed as a dependent child or qualifying relative. thanks for your assistance Wendy
  7. If you a Rewards Member at Staples, you can take your empty toner and ink cartridges there. They will give you $2/empty back in a store credit. It takes a few months to process the reward. I have been buying my cartridges from SuppliesOutlet also and have not had a problem with Staples taking them. They just ask are what brand are they, I just tell them HP.
  8. I found this on the Utah website. http://incometax.utah.gov/filing/what-to-include#efile If you file your return electronically, you usually don't need to send anything to the Tax Commission. Important: DO NOT send a paper copy of your electronically filed return to the Tax Commission because we might process the copy as a duplicate return. This will delay your refund, or you might be billed twice for the tax due. Federal and State Returns E-filed Through a Paid Preparer Utah accepts the federal PIN as the electronic signature on an e-filed Utah return. The Electronic Return Originator (ERO) must record the taxpayer signature(s) on federal form 8879. The ERO and taxpayer(s) must keep copies of all W-2 forms and other documentation.
  9. I have 1 person that whines about everything also. This year they made almost $15,000 more than in 2013, way over for EIC and additional child tax credit. I had to explain to her at least 10 times, WHY she was not entitled to the funds. She wanted to know why she was not getting any money for her 3 kids. I told her, YES she was getting the money only what she was eligible to receive. they both claim 1 for fed and state, I told her that if they change to zero she might get a bigger refund next year. It's just round and round every year. I completed her return 2 days ago, but have not submitted it yet. I am thinking about giving her money back and ask her to go some where else. it is constant phone calls, text and emails & sometime all at the same time. Oh and to top it off they got the Marketplace insurance very cheap and now have a penalty since they were not entitled to it.
  10. I use CNA Surety/NAPLIA through Rob Ferrini @ NAPLIA. I have only about 60 returns, no business or corp; the cost for my policy is $163.80. His contact info is: direct: 508.656.1327 |Toll Free: 866.262.7542, ext. 1327 | Fax: 508.656.1399. www.naplia.com
  11. I have my Errors & Omissions insurance with NAPLIA, CNA Surety. I don't have a large tax prep business, about 50 clients. My insurance is $164/year. My agent is: Rob Ferrini | Program Manager | NAPLIA 161 Worcester Road, Suite 504, Framingham, MA 01701 | direct: 508.656. 1327 |Toll Free: 866.262.7542, ext. 1327 | Fax: 508.656.1399 www.naplia.com
  12. The process for applying for residency can take a few years and he wont be issued a SSN until it has been completely processed.
  13. Yes you enter the same was a regular W-2; however there should be a box to check in your tax program, that indicates it is a 'corrected W-2'.
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