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  1. But she got the money.... I could see if she received the letter and no check. Why would identity theft send the money to the correct person holding the SSN.
  2. I have an Oregon estate. The beneficiary is CA resident and the Personal rep of the estate is also a CA resident. No source income from CA. Only income is from sale of property in the state of WA sale of some assets from the estate.( cars, guns, etc.) Am I reading this correctly that I still have to file the CA 541 because of the Personal rep and beneficiary is CA residents? TIA
  3. Can I e-file a 2019 1040X if I didn't do the original return through ATX?
  4. Yes, You enter them as expense then amortize the balance. I think the instructions say enter them in the expense they go to IE: office supplies, advertising. etc.
  5. I guess I misread it. "TP eventually sold basket to a family in 2010 for $1500.00. TP passed away. "
  6. Donation = lower of cost or FMV ? they paid 1500.00 How can you go any higher than that?
  7. On the form 8962 for a shared policy. My client received 2 1095-A for 2021. One for herself and one for her partner. She works her partner does not. I add both forms in column A,B & C to put on form 8962. I then get to allocate in part 4. Both policy's are listed and I then choose how to allocate. I was going to allocate all by 50% but then started thinking. Do I allocate my clients? shouldn't she be 100% and the other policy 0% or I think I read I can allocate any way I want to. Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA
  8. I agree, S-corp is still going, shareholder is who died.
  9. BUT remember, she has to take out the missing RMD including the earnings on that part of it. NOW plus current 2022 before end of year.
  10. I know , just wondered if anyone had experience with it. I made him mail the checks.
  11. Does it have to be a personal account or can it be a business account that the money to be taken out of? I have never used a business account on a 1040 return. It have the business name.
  12. I only feel guilty about the returns that are my fault they are not done. Got out of order on returns coming in. Now I am scrambling.
  13. After more research I think you are correct and I will change my thinking.
  14. grandmabee


    My first one. box 1 distribution 40,000 box 2 earnings 15,000. box 3 basis 25000 spent 8,000 on tuition. I figure 40,000 - 8,000 (tuition) - 25,000 (basis) = taxable of 7,000 and also subject to 10% penalty. Goes on line schedule 1 line 8. Am I figuring this correctly? TIA
  15. Asking for a friend. Where in Lacert do you put the PPP loan forgiveness in tax program. I know ATX is under elections but she can't find it on her program. TIA
  16. I liked it when they had the C-EZ for cases like these.
  17. Good to know, but we were able to track down the closed business and get the number.
  18. I also didn't see where that passed.
  19. Is there a place to look up a company State ID number for the W-2's. I have a W-2 that leaves box 15 ID number blank. Trying to reach company without much luck and this keeps us from E-filing the return.
  20. I don't think you could put 8,000 in an regular IRA back in 2012. Can't even do that now. Maybe over several years? anyway it is all taxable but only the amount less 10,000 is subject to the 10% penalty. 12,000 subject to penalty.
  21. Yes, you could have applied any refund to 2021. But not exactly the withholding spread 3 years just any refund available.
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