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Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm thinking about next year's tax season and am expecting it to be much different the past due to Covid.  I am preparing to go virtual with very few people actually coming to the office.  I'm looking for a platform where clients can easily upload the documents to me by scanning or snapping a picture (converting the picture to a PDF), and that I can use to send documents, and clients can sign them electronically.  Many of my clients are older and not very tech savvy so it would have to be user friendly.   It would be great if it also integrated with Drake.

I have looked at TaxCaddy and it seemed like it would do what I want for gathering info, but it does not integrate with Drake. You also have to sit through their sales pitch to get the pricing, so I have no idea on the cost. 

On the assembly, delivery, signing side SafeSend Returns seems to fit the bill but is very pricy for my small firm.  The per return price wasn't too bad but there is a $1,500 set and training fee. 

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on any platforms I could use?


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I use FileShare that's included in my CCH SiteBuilder web site along with CCH's eSign that handles signatures as well as delivering a digital return copy. I had NO one come into my home office this year. Everyone, except for young kids with no digital footprint yet, was able to sign via eSign (now that NY finally accepts electronic signatures). For the kids who "failed" eSign, I uploaded signature pages to FileShare.

Talk to your Drake rep about what they might offer &/or what they've found that works best with Drake.

NAEA offers Verifyle free as a member benefit. Maybe NATP does also.

Most of my clients still want their physical "tax folders," so I mail them (actually, Hubby mails them for me) when I have time. Some of my elderly clients don't have access to a scanner, so they mail me their tax documents/information, or UPS/FedEx/etc. The best thing I did when I created my home office was install a large mail slot in my front door for local clients to drop off. Contactless; I let their envelopes set for three days in my entryway.

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eSign is a standalone. (It works well from within ProSystem fx as I can send for eSign on the same screen as exporting/holding a return to e-file.) It can be managed completely from the eSign/AssureSign website for CCH users.

FileShare is part of CCH's SiteBuilder website; it might be available as a standalone. CCH also has a more robust portal available as a standalone; more features if you have employees &/or your biz clients have employees.

Talk to your sales rep. CCH's small business unit now includes Pro fx and all the CCH products, except perhaps Axcess, so check it out. I would expect the small biz unit would work with your on pricing a bundle that meets your needs.

I have found that most of what I use along with Pro fx is also available to ATX users, and often at a much lower cost. I love IntelliConnect (now AnswerConnect) but it was pricey. Some years back, it was available to ATX users at a much, much lower price. I calculated that I could purchase the cheapest ATX version plus buy IntelliConnect as an ATX user and pay less than I was paying for IntelliConnect., while still preparing returns on Pro fx. I talked to my rep, and he worked out an IntelliConnect discount for me.

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I've been using the CCH Portal with good success over the past two seasons.  It's relatively easy to use and even some of my older clients have navigated it without any issues.  Now that ATX will offer an electronic signature option as part of it's package (at least for max) the entire process should become much more efficient.  Hope this helps a bit. 

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I'd meant to say that eSign can be managed completely from the AssureSign site for NON-CCH/WK users.

Yes, WK seems to be appearing on everything. And, my account number changed from my old six-digit number to a new ten-digit account number, which I haven't memorized yet.

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Call Drake.  They have a Document manager that works very well, also ability to e-sign.  Both are add-ons to their software.  I use the document manager all the time and have even gotten some of my older clients to use it.  I have never used the e-sign as it seems a bit expensive to me.

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