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Start Up Costs, ATX Data Entry


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2 hours ago, Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana said:

I have entered the start up costs as an 'other expense' and then amortized the amount that exceeds the $5,000.

2 hours ago, grandmabee said:

Yes,  You  enter them as expense then amortize the balance.  I think the instructions say enter them in the expense they go to IE:  office supplies, advertising. etc.

This is what I ended up doing.  Thanks for the replies everyone. 


2 hours ago, jklcpa said:

Have you tried entering the IRC section in the box just above the serial number area?

Or possibly there is a different entry required for "method" and "convention"?  Sorry, no longer use ATX so just guessing it is something simple on that screen.

Yes, I tried this.  It didn't change anything. Thanks for your input. 

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