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  1. More Oversight Again ?

    Tom, Rich, and Possi are absolutely right. They keep upping the freebie EIC/CTC while piling on regulations, audits-in-disguise, and draconian penalties to stave off public complaints about the outrageous fraudulent amounts given away. All this while branding us as their "partners" (which I strongly resent) and touting "FreeFile" to slice into our income right along with TT and every other Tomas, Diklah, and Hariq (I'm keeping up with social change ) who owns a kitchen table and calculator. At this rate they may eventually let us deduct black helicopters and nothing else.
  2. new laws - what are you doing?

    new laws - what are you doing? By WITAXLADY, 22 hours ago in General Chat Not much.
  3. College kids and free file - new source of revenue

    I once had the heart-warming experience of listening to one side of a two-part phone conversation between a mom in my office and her no-account, unemployed, live-at-home slacker kid back at the house. No problem about claiming himself 'cause Mom (who handled all obligations) hadn't filed it for him yet. I figured his deduction was worth about $150 to him (mowed some yards) and $800 to Mom; she insisted she would "pay him back" the $150. The back and forth went on for a bit until Mom suddenly stopped short and, overcome with frustration, blurted out "Raymond; I am not ripping you off!" Surely there must be justice waiting somewhere, someday............

    Mine crashed too. Panic in the trenches..."Oh, noooo, not now, not now!" Possible new computer, compatible new printer, driver downloads, phone tech help time, hooking everything up; lost programs, arggghhh! Mine started going haywire yesterday after I rolled over my first 2016 ATX client to 2017 program. I'd seen the MalWareBytes pop-up too. I've got premium MWB but don't know if it's set for automatic updates or not. Later punched the pop-up but don't know If that was the problem or the cure update. I uninstalled two high-memory usage programs and the memory increase (I think) put me (sort of) back in business - either that or the MWB fix. Shut everything down and left off overnight. Opened up normal this morning and I think all is okay now.
  5. What would you charge?

    These prices probably won't mean much to anybody here unless below the Mason-Dixon line, non-urban, or away from the southern east coast.
  6. Zip Code Causes Software to Crash

    Uh, yeah; sounds right.

    Yardley, one-upping your proverb: "TO EVERY DOG, HIS MASTER IS NAPOLEON - HENCE, THE POPULARITY OF DOGS!" --- Anonymous

    Hmmm; never thought of it that way before. Before Max came up with his defense (below) of my position, I was gonna suggest if the auditor was willin' to put in the time, that he subpoena all the kid's teachers to swear and declare he/she existed in physical reality and was present all the days they could remember. Don't know if they'd have to have followed 'em home a few times or not. You're a gentleman and a scholar, Max! ______________________________________ Children should be SEEN and not heard. -- IRS

    Best thing I've found is a report card from whatever school they're going to. Many schools will list the kid's full pedigree: name, address, age, DOB, grade they're in (and grades), phone number, school year enrolled for, parents' name, address, and related information. So anyway, if you've got that then you're ready to roll. Unfortunately, some schools don't list the home address (although T/P may have kept the envelope it was mailed in). Other stuff of course (next best) is medical records, then day care bills (sometimes pretty sketchy), social security and/or insurance cards (I know, I know - those two generally don't have anything except the name but it's something). Next year -- DNA
  10. Corporation bought a jeep for the owners daughter...

    Good grief! Talk about tying yourself in knots over not much of nothing - small corps do this kind of stuff all the time. And a 2011 gift tax return - can you imagine IRS is interested? The money difference in licenses, insurance, and operating expenses isn't significant - maybe she did actually drive to the parts store for pop during the six years; who can say? Anyhow, bury the body and move on without adding an ulcer and subtracting a client.
  11. End of Entertainment Expenses?

    Thank you.
  12. End of Entertainment Expenses?

    What about the standard meal allowance for long-haul truckers who work for others, get a W-2, but no reimbursement for meals while on the road out-of-town overnight? While most employers DO pay them something (either a flat so-many dollars per day or actual reimbursement/accountable plan), a few get nothing. That would be a big hit for them since it's a 2106 2% job expense item.
  13. Sure is

    I thought of a pretty good one myself (not actually a joke, but a funny happening of sorts). Clients who had sold their business came in last week for some tax advice (after the fact, of course) and prompted a remembrance of laughs past. Some years ago, they stopped by the office to leave their W-2s but we had to stop discussing the case because school was out and they said they had to go get the kids. I asked "What kids? You told me two years ago you weren't claiming any." They said, "Oh no, we've got two children but we can't put them on our income tax return because we already claimed both of them on our W-4 forms." Barbershop advice resulting in many chuckles and two 1040Xs .
  14. Sure is

    slow today. Anybody heard any good jokes lately? (FDNY is usually good for one or two.)
  15. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    Well, I wasn't aware you could get it for free until reading the above "Final Copy" posts. Actually, I kind of liked the old "J.K.Lasser's Monthly Tax Letter". It was simple, easy-to-read, about tax only, and was of practical use. Only thing; the way you had to get it was by ordering the old layman's "yellow book" and it sort of cast doubt on your credibility as a preparer since anybody who saw it in your office figured that was your version of a "CCH/RIA library". I'm a paid subscriber (12 months-$38 to "The Kiplinger Tax Letter-P.O. Box 62301, Tampa, FL 33662-2301/1-800-544-0155). Unfortunately, I'm "twice" subscribed since, as you know, they start sending "near-expire" letters about one or two months after you subscribe. My wife has a PTIN (which I assume IRS-under their double-standard disclosure rules-gave them) and I, while aware of the "quick-expire" ruse but not paying attention, accidentally duplicated it with her solicitation notice. They send two letters: "The Kiplinger Letter" and the "The Kiplinger TAX Letter". I only wanted the "tax" letter since the other "regular" letter, as someone noted, is just projective (I.e.; it may rain/it may not rain). Now, I guess I'll try to do as the other "wise men/women" here do and never send money again. By the way, folks - do you get it regularly (as if subscribed) or just once a year or what? And do you get the "tax" (blue) letter or the "world situation" (beige) letter, or both?