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  1. It depends upon the client but all things equal, the rate goes up a little every year for most. the really high paying clients - I'm actually fine keeping it where it is since they are so high above my normal rate. Some clients as they get older actually get far easier returns so I don't raise. Really poor clients (I have a few) I'm fine charging a small fee. Consider it a karma investment.
  2. Who are we at war with?
  3. The boot time of 15 seconds was before I set up Bitlocker for encryption and a Windows password. So yeah, those add to it. I have a computer running at home which I purchased refurbished with a SSD - it's an old Dell. All I run on it is Plex and Resilio Sync (used to be Bittorrent Sync). If you know Plex you know I'm running a few other things. This thing flies. I don't load anything that isn't absolutely necessary.
  4. oohhh, I'm currently in a Google Adwords class action lawsuit. I'm retiring when I get the check!
  5. This is the correct answer.
  6. I could be wrong but I believe the purpose of the exclusion is to avoid double taxation. You are required to pay in the US but if you meet the requirements (which are also the requirements for owing taxes in the foreign country), you'll get a partial waiver / exclusion. Back in the tech bubble I didn't do taxes yet but had several investment clients who moved overseas to work at foreign tech firms. They didn't receive W2s but letters showing their income. They avoided a major portion of the US taxes - they paid VERY handsomely in Ireland, UK and Australia. The IRS rule says you must meet the residency test and move your tax home to the foreign country. That means you are now subject to taxation in the foreign country. Again I could be wrong but I think that's all on purpose. Also for the SS payment - they didn't pay it. The couple who moved to Australia was forced to pay into an annuity program they have and they still have money sitting in that account and can get it when they hit Australian retirement age.
  7. Are not the citizens of the Marshall Islands enrolled in the Social Security Administration's plan? I've never had a client with foreign earned income get a W2 because SS and Meda are only applied IF they don't pay taxes into the foreign system. You only get the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion credit if you've paid income taxes in that foreign country. Why would a W2 be required to show income tax withheld in a foreign country? US Government employees would still get one as I understand it but they don't pay foreign taxes a lot of times.
  8. The only class action suit that ever got me any money was for Liberty Tax I think. They called my cell phone and my wife's wanting to talk about me working there and they were sued. I got two checks for $50 each. My small claims lawsuit against TRX Tax software earned me a refund of what I paid them.
  9. IMO, when there is silence it means it was a robocall and they don't have any available salespeople to take your call so it's silence. You may eventually get a salesperson on the line. The computers are constantly dialing even if nobody is currently ready, in anticipation that when you pick up someone will actually be available.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong on this one but would the foreign worker get a W2? The very few of them that I've done, they got a letter stating their foreign wages, not a full W2. Seems if you have been given a W2 and are making this claim, the IRS will give it a closer look eventually. But maybe I'm completely wrong.
  11. I'm confused by this, are you saying you'll just continue doing the work for those 20 clients only and sell the rest? My "retirement" plan is to drop down to about 20 clients at the age of 60 and just handle those and only them. As they die or move - I don't replace them. Those 20 would pay for the healthcare costs for my wife and I until we hit Medicare. My top 3 clients would pay for our health insurance.
  12. Passing the USTCP is impressive.
  13. In pretty much every profession - the highly successful people are salesmen / women. If you want to be successful, learn how to sell your product and do it. Most accountants abhor the idea of selling themselves - they need to get over it. Just realize, mailings and seminars are essentially supporting activities - you are in for a long (expensive) battle if those are your primary focus.
  14. I would make one adjustment - don't just mail out a mass mailer to everyone, mail it out to new homeowners near your office. Pretty good chance they moved far enough that they are in the market for someone closer to home. Sales opportunities occur by hitting people up during life changing events. New kids, new home, new spouse or new ex-spouse, death of a family member etc. During those events, people are open to new ideas or have new needs. I think it was Michael Dell who used this to make over $18k per year in high school selling newspaper subscriptions by solely targeting new homeowners versus every mailing address.
  15. Hmmmm, I need to check with them about Pay per return next year. I really only do about 10 of them but they are HIGH priced so I don't mind paying it. $1095 is a solid price for their software.