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  1. Most schools and many businesses are closing in my area. It's a 20 minute event - don't see the issue except schools have been warned that if they hold viewing events, if kids get injured the legal liability could be substantial so they demand a parental waiver. Thus they are closing. Wineries are supposedly going to be packed.
  2. When it says ROI of 25%, I think you should probably read that as "we hope to return 25% of your money". I've never had an investor like that receive a 1099m. As Illmas says - K1 is the appropriate form.
  3. What's his actual cost of the $70 in goods sold? If the cost was $20, he lost $50 pus some opportunity cost.
  4. Thanks. Rental property would be the only applicable route for my client base but I've yet to see one do it.
  5. I've never done one of these but have had clients inquire about it. Do all your clients use an outside intermediary to handle the transactions? Whenever someone asks about it - that's the route I tell them to go and I never hear from them again about it.
  6. my parents both quit smoking after each had a heart attack and about 8 years afterwards they packed up to move to a smaller home. They opened boxes in the back of the basement that hadn't been opened in 20+ years including a box with my childhood teddy bear and were heartbroken to experience the smell. That's when it dawned on them for the first time, they were really stinky for 40+ years. I have only one client who stinks from smoking. Every year he sits across from me and I can smell the stale smoke coming off of his clothes. It's always odd because he's in my office first thing in the morning every time. I'm guessing he sits in the parking lot finishing his cigarette because he only lives 1/2 miles away. As for the delayed distribution - I'd have the IRS bill them for such a small amount.
  7. I've never had a problem with Thunderbird. Used it for probably 14ish years? Before that I used The Bat! because it was the smallest sized email program I could find. (had an old computer running dial up) Since I moved my corporate email account to Google - Thunderbird calendar is automatically linked to my google calendar so I can access it from any of my computers / cell phone. I might use Firefox Send - thanks for that. That seems pretty good. Not being able to use IE - wonder if that'll ever be an issue. It works for Apple products? Thanks again.
  8. Yep, most of us are in the business of billing for our time. I have no problem with doing these things for clients, don't understand why others do. My co-worker is a chronic complainer about EVERYTHING. I don't give him any of the attention he desires like my co-worker ("Oh, I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, I was so worried all weekend about you"). He doesn't get this that a client asking you for help, IS OUR JOB.
  9. I agree with the client making that determination. Is it really ordinary and necessary for a client to have an office in a $75 per square foot building? That's not for me to decide.
  10. It depends upon the client but all things equal, the rate goes up a little every year for most. the really high paying clients - I'm actually fine keeping it where it is since they are so high above my normal rate. Some clients as they get older actually get far easier returns so I don't raise. Really poor clients (I have a few) I'm fine charging a small fee. Consider it a karma investment.
  11. Who are we at war with?
  12. The boot time of 15 seconds was before I set up Bitlocker for encryption and a Windows password. So yeah, those add to it. I have a computer running at home which I purchased refurbished with a SSD - it's an old Dell. All I run on it is Plex and Resilio Sync (used to be Bittorrent Sync). If you know Plex you know I'm running a few other things. This thing flies. I don't load anything that isn't absolutely necessary.
  13. oohhh, I'm currently in a Google Adwords class action lawsuit. I'm retiring when I get the check!
  14. This is the correct answer.
  15. I could be wrong but I believe the purpose of the exclusion is to avoid double taxation. You are required to pay in the US but if you meet the requirements (which are also the requirements for owing taxes in the foreign country), you'll get a partial waiver / exclusion. Back in the tech bubble I didn't do taxes yet but had several investment clients who moved overseas to work at foreign tech firms. They didn't receive W2s but letters showing their income. They avoided a major portion of the US taxes - they paid VERY handsomely in Ireland, UK and Australia. The IRS rule says you must meet the residency test and move your tax home to the foreign country. That means you are now subject to taxation in the foreign country. Again I could be wrong but I think that's all on purpose. Also for the SS payment - they didn't pay it. The couple who moved to Australia was forced to pay into an annuity program they have and they still have money sitting in that account and can get it when they hit Australian retirement age.