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  1. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    I've never signed up for them and still get my final copy every once in a while.
  2. Provider Flurry of E-mails

    It'll take years for those email addresses to get scrubbed from their databases but at least NEW companies won't get it? I haven't lived with my parents since 1993 and I still occasionally get solicitations sent to me at their address. The really interesting part is that my parents moved 12 years ago and the companies updated their address for me and it followed to the new house.
  3. 2015 Form 1040X - has not received check yet

    IRS can drive me nuts at times. Sent in the 1310 to get a refund on a deceased client. IRS sent a letter wanting a corrected 1310 which we did immediately. Since March they've had the corrected 1310 but for some reason decided to just keep working off the original. They don't know why they've been doing that but as of last Friday changed to the corrected version.
  4. 1099 / W-2 program

    They are free if you order them online via the IRS site - they'll mail you however many you want. I order a bunch and hand them out to whoever wants them. A grouchy CPA in my building literally has his clients walk down and get copies from me occasionally. Several became nice investment clients for me. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/online-ordering-for-information-returns-and-employer-returns
  5. I just realized I can buy the CCH Master Tax Guide for $30 each w/ shipping via my investment clearing firm.
  6. 1099 / W-2 program

    I do two of them per year. My total number of 1099's are 5.
  7. 1099 / W-2 program

    When are they going to let us print off a 1096? Drives me nuts having to use originals still.
  8. Solution to IRS bottlenecks

    If the client is waiting for their refund and you have no reason for the delay and the next tax return is due - I think you are 100% in the right to declare it an estimated tax payment as long as the client realizes that they should quickly make a payment in case the payment comes into them. My current problem is I am waiting on a refund for a deceased client. It's literally the only thing left to be distributed.
  9. Suspicions Confirmed

    Our office is something like that but in reverse. If something goes wrong, job #1 is ALWAYS to assess blame and it is ALWAYS someone else who gets blamed. Oddly, it's usually me because I was likely the person responsible for everything leading up to that point. As an example about 22 years ago I took a huge room of files and destroyed what wasn't needed and shipped everything else off to a storage place. We saved about $3k in rent every year for 22 years. This year we were told we could destroy it all so it cost $1,800 to have it all shredded. All savings were ignored, I was blamed for an $1,800 bill that was now 100% my fault.
  10. NEXUS1040 is TRX

    Just a heads up in case anyone is at all interested or does a search on here about a tax software company: Nexus1040 is just a rebranded TRX Software company. AVOID. I don't know if the Hughes family is still involved but their website goes to Nexus.
  11. Office 365

    You are allowed multiple installations. If you are over the limit, they give you a number to call. For 2003 we have about 20 computers running our 1 copy. Wife bought 2013 from a work program for REALLY cheap - like $30. We have multiple computers running and I was told another would require calling. That computer just gets Libre.
  12. how do people think these things up!

    I'd check on whether the FIL took a loss and whether the IRS truly accepted it. Selling a property to a relative at far below market price is the exact situation why deals between relatives are excluded.
  13. Office 365

    I use an old version of Office but the only thing that keeps me from using Libre Office (again) is graphing in spreadsheets. The financial planning software I have uses some pie charts and such - Libre doesn't do that well at all although oddly it USED to handle it well. Otherwise, it's free and terrific for normal usage.
  14. no K-1 but wants to file??

    JMO, I'd call up the practitioner hotline and ask them how they want you to proceed.