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  1. Form 3115

    I vaguely remember an instructor saying the forms are stockpiled in a warehouse someplace (Ogden?) and have never been seen by human eyes.
  2. New eservices phishing scam

    I can never pass those knowledge-based tests, because all the questions end up being about my ex-husband and his second wife. I don't know what bank has their mortgage or what street they lived on in Syracuse. I opened a UPS account using my current husband's name, because I knew what street his mother lived on ten years ago and other info about him and his family; have notices come to my email address. But, I can't open an e-Services account in my husband's name, for instance. I had to do one of the credit freezes via snail mail, sending in copies of DL, utility bills, etc., to prove who I am, because I couldn't answer the questions. And, in November, I'll go to a SS office (not all that near) with all my ID to prove who I am in person -- required to be in person, because I failed the questions -- so I can open up an online MySSA account. Very frustrating.
  3. Hang in there!

    I had some crowns replace some teeth that had been bonded but were decaying underneath with nothing to put new bonding or fillings on. Now, days/week or so later, my jaw starts aching and is warm. Last time I had a crown, infection got trapped inside and they had to remove temporary and do a root canal. This time, I already have the permanent crowns on. I have five more returns including my own, granddaughter's 2nd birthday party in PA, point person for one-day tax seminar next week and then fly to SF for a week of tax classes. I'm not back until November. And, I need to do laundry, pack, work with speaker/airport transportation/proofread books/etc. for local seminar. A year ago I bought every ibuprofen in the hotel gift shop and spent all day in classes holding a cold water bottle against my face and all night sleeping on a bag of ice. I am not having fun.
  4. invoicing software

    What accounting software do you use to keep your firm's books? Perhaps it has what you need or has a module available. It might even have ways to collect payments. I invoice within ProSystem fx, because most of what I do is tax returns. But, I do have Intuit process credit card payments, dropping the info into QB and the payments into my bank. You have lots of options, such as PayPal, for receiving the payments. You're really looking for invoicing all in one place so you can have aging reports at your fingertips, etc., right?
  5. invoicing software

    QB allows online payments.
  6. DFAS AND 1099R

    I didn't have that situation with any of my clients, but I do remember some talk.... If you have any doubts about the year, ask your client for his last pay stub or look on his 2015 return to see if the exact amount appeared.
  7. Good point. And, if per her state law, that the trust does not have to be revised following her marriage. (In CT, a will would need to be revised or reconfirmed or whatever the appropriate legal term is following a marriage or divorce.)
  8. Handyman may have sold your client on marriage as getting SS when she's gone and not an issue to her or her family. But, now he's her husband, and without a solid pre-nup or a will revised after the marriage date, he will get her house and bank/broker accounts and jewelry and.... Then, that son will have big legal bills to try to salvage things for her own children and grandchildren. Yes, keep us posted on the next episode. Same bat-time, same bat-station.
  9. Husband can draw on wife's account and continue to draw after her death, but all things being equal (they are not equal if he's not FRA) he gets about half of what she gets. As you say, no big whoop. We can NOT tell family members that mommy got married or any other information we collect to prepare her tax returns. Circular 230. Hopefully, his lawyer will tell him that and charge him for an hour of his time, too.
  10. What happened to state EIN's?

    CCH requires the EIN if using the 1099 also and efiling. That's why I use the data entry screen instead of the facsimile 1099 form. No. I do not enter it literally on line 10 of the government form itself, but on the line 10 worksheet so the software can calculate the taxable amount (AMT reduces that for many of my clients) and handles it correctly on all the state returns. Why do you pick on me for saving a few keystrokes? I'm trying to save other preparers time in these last hectic days. I also have the Americans in Singapore for a few years with frequent trips to the states and NY rental income so pouring over their calendar. The couple with two 1099-Cs from their FL rental that fell into a sink hole. The gal that moved to OH but back again while her mother was ill and then back to OH when the estate closed and now back to CT; always just over a year for each stay; 2016 had her moving to OH in May but no earned income in CT but some tiny investment income waiting on dates to see which state... And the gal who moved to CA but thinks her W-2 is wrong so spent four days to come up with $5,000 that she wants me to use on the CA return as taxes paid to CT when she returned from CA after becoming a resident to close out the fiscal quarter for her company. And, the couple both self-employed, one in both NY and CT; wife's new business is skin care -- with inventory. And the 90-year-old whose prior preparer is in jail for stealing from his clients; she keeps everything but daughter can't find her prior year return in the stacks. The continuing client who comes in every two years with two sets of returns to prepare. The woman leaving for Uganda to care for her grandchildren for a few months so I have to finish this weekend. And our own!
  11. What happened to state EIN's?

    For CT and NY, client/you have to get it online. Maybe RI does this now, too. I just enter on Line 10 and am done.
  12. Poll - current and former pinned posts

    I use this BB and others on half of a horizontal monitor (other half is my email, while tax return entry is on a vertical monitor and government forms on a third monitor, also vertical) so the pinned posts do cut down on what I can see on this square half of this monitor. I like the idea of getting to the posts via a link, but saving most of the prime space for new posts to show before having to scroll down too far. Thank you for taking good care of us.
  13. Scanners

    Fujitsu, definitely. Gave my long-time ScanSnap to my kids who run a business; it was too good to upgrade unless I found a home for the ScanSnap. I bought a newer Fujitsu 6130Z with a very small footprint to use with CCH products. Fujitsus are the workhorses of the scanner world, like HP is to printers.
  14. Equifax, freezing credit and E-Services

    I just found out from SSA that I cannot open a MySocialSecurity online account without either unfreezing my credit (they use Equifax!!) or taking ID in person to a SSA office, none of which are very close. When I tried to set up online, I received a message that I cannot open a SS account with my SSN -- that scared me since I'm due to get my first SS direct deposit in October. So, I immediately called and was told they can't approve me because my credit is frozen. Another project for November. Guess I'll look into E-Services, also.
  15. IRS Direct Pay has worked for a couple of my clients. Haven't used it myself.