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  1. MDEA

    River City Bank

    I have used River City for over 10 years. They are the best great people.
  2. I use Drake no problem with acceptances.
  3. MDEA

    Truckers with w-2

    No. Noemployee exspenses any more .Should be on an accountable plan.
  4. I use Drake and have filed ELC forms.. The DC seminar this year talked about the form.
  5. MDEA

    What To Do?

    I would raise the fee plus charge extra for time involved to speak to IRS to keep OIC enforce. All money would have to be paid up front.
  6. Nothing. IRS does not have the money to return to us. It probably would take an act of congress.
  7. Sorry I would obtain a 2848 signe by represenative call PPL and see what IRS has on file for income. They will have the original 1099's and social security.
  8. I would get a 2848 from the appointed represenative and call PPL and see what IRS
  9. Just bought a Xerox multi-functional printer for $89.00 from Tiger -Direct.
  10. I also use HP 3015 have 5 of them. Bought them all used for under $55.00. Buy toner for under $30.00 a piece.
  11. I have a few like this also two from same employer. I think that the W-2's were not filed by employer so they will not match.
  12. There is a step up on half when father died. If in a community property state full step up when father died.
  13. With Drake all forms have been ready I have 67 returns accepted by the Feds. I have 5 clients who have received their MD refunds already.
  14. I have 45 accepted 1040's and one client has her MD refund already.
  15. MDEA

    Drake uses

    Are you downloading or using a disc? What is actually happening? They are not computer techs.What version of Windows are you?
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