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    I thought I read here about problems with the NOL carryforward with atx. Does anyone know about this. I have NOL carryforward of about 125,000 Shoul the entire125,00 loss go on line 21 and work what's left over to carryforward. There is no loss this year just the carryforward.
  2. anyone else notice page two of 4562 prints out extra lines in 30-33. there is extra line in the form. I double checked with the IRS form and no they don't have the extra lines. When you look at it, it looks like you left something out.
  3. Client dtr is going to school in united kingdom. She has college tuition. I have looked up and the univeristy qualifies for the federal student loan and aid from the FAFSA form. Now Does the mom get eic if student is out of the country? this is a temporay absent at school but didn't know if out of country made a difference and also same for Head of household filing
  4. If you have a 8879 signed form Oregon will accept that. Don't need to use or have a signed EF form. Only if you are Efiling an Oregon Only return and not federal
  5. you don't adjust the credit for this year. you recalulate the credit based on 06 return and then bunny hop from line 44 and there is a space for the recapture. worksheet in the instrustion also.
  6. if you fill out 2210 she should met exception
  7. still locked out of MYATX since Sunday. Faxed for help 3 times all on different days no reply. Anyone know how to get tech support to answer. Call and wait 45 min. still no answer 2 days. and now still on hold going 33 minutes.
  8. I am again locked out of "myatx" anyone have information on how to get back in. I went to reset and then screen came back and said to use my 20 number activation code as my password. I did that and still could not get in. Then when I tried to do again to it said locked out and then I went to help and secret qestion came up for my answer and of course no question was listed ..blank and when I used my normal answer not right. I don't know why they made getting into help so complicated this year. you can't get them on the phone and not even on their own support site.
  9. Also, its a STATE court and you are filing a Federal tax return. Feds do not have to abide by the state court rules
  10. listed on wrong form first. (e-file) Taxpayer rents rental to kids but not a fmv for rents. If I check yes to box 2 on Sch e it takes only the deprec and balance of rent goes to 1040. but in reading it says put rent on line 21 and take int and taxes on A and balance of expense on misc A subject to 2%. I'm not sure if it goes Rental not for profit or E with personal use. Any help?
  11. I have a client that rents out their rental house at a lower than FMV. they rent it to their kids. If I mark line 2 on sch E yes then it takes no expense except for depreciation. I think maybe it should be only taking the int and taxes and the balance of expense lost. I'm not sure. When you look up rented not for profit it tells you to put income on line 21 of 1040 and take int and tax on A. other expense on misc subj to 2%. any help?
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    How do I get the forum to change the listing to last reply listed first.?
  13. Anyone know of a work around for this problem. Oregon form 40 will not be ready until 02/14/08!! But we can efile it. when it is printed out it says on both pages "not approved for filing" so when i give the client a copy some of the numbers are unreadable. tech support was no help. I used the email question and they did get back to me pretty quick and I was able to reply to their answer and get the same tech.
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