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  1. samingeorgia

    Finally switching to Drake

    Evan, our office uses UltraTax on a "pay-per-return" basis. We have one or two big clients with big depreciation schedules and it would be a nightmare to convert. That being said, UT lost a LOT of utility when they discontinued CSA and forced everybody to ACS. My big client switched to QuickBooks, believe it or not, and so far, it's working as well as CSA ever did (!!!!) for a LOT less money. I predict that UT will, one day, say that you will use the cloud or begone. As big as Thomson Reuters is we accountants are a "spit in the ocean" for them.
  2. samingeorgia

    ATX Max and Drake

    Back in 2011, I entered into an office sharing arrangement with a practitioner. I was a long-time ATX user; he was using the other product from CCH (TaxWise, maybe?). We tried both and neither of us liked the other's software, so we compromised and got Drake. I tend to be blessed with "The Luck of the Irish", so I missed the great ATX debacle of the following year. Our office still uses Drake and I think it's great. The first year, I must have called their support twenty times, but after I finally got the hang of it calls to support are a very rare thing. I've learned over the years that you have to adapt to the software; it won't work the other way around. All software has its quirks. Just so you'll know what an old-timer I am, I miss good old batch entry (!). Before I chose ATX I used TAASC and really liked it. However, the Big Brains in computer world said that everything had to be on Windows, and TAASC could never make the shift from the good old days to the fancy bloatware from Microsoft. They sold out to Intuit and TAASC disappeared. Of course, Intuit didn't want the product, just the customer base for their never-ending sales operations. Drake is a small, family-run outfit and from what I understand, the big boys have, over the years, been sniffing around and showing off their big checkbooks. So far, Drake has resisted the temptation, but who knows what the future holds? I hope that by the time we are all pushed to "The Cloud" that I'm sitting on a cloud, strumming a harp....
  3. samingeorgia

    My proudest achievement on this forum

    "Excessive"!! Ha! It seems that a certain amount is OK....
  4. samingeorgia

    W2 Verification Code

    I have been entering these codes and have had no issues. Looking at drivers' license info has been interesting this year, to say the least. To address a point made in a post by Cathy, I determined that one of my clients had the birthdays switched between husband and wife, although they were both born in the same year. They either told me wrong or I entered it wrong lo these many years ago and it's carried over every year since. This year, I realized that the DL expiration dates were inconsistent with what I had on the basic info screen. Ooops!
  5. samingeorgia

    Check my thinking on AOTC please

    OK, I'm having a senior moment of some kind here. A client has a 1098-T for their kid in the local community college. Block 2 (Qualified Expenses) is around $ 900. Block 5 (Scholarships and Grants) is about $ 2,200. Kid is in third year of college and attends enough so that the "at least half time student" block is checked. I say no AOTC because the scholarships/grants is more than the expense. Am I right? These scholarship / grants are non-taxable. Thanks in advance.
  6. samingeorgia


    Abby, at this stage of my life, "dependable" is more important than "sexy"
  7. samingeorgia


    Update -- I ordered and installed the HP ScanJet Pro 3000 s3. I have used it some, and i'm very impressed. It's slightly larger bur feels very substantial. And lightning fast. Let's see how it holds up starting in January!
  8. samingeorgia


    We may be revising our processes anyway. We have been discussing having the front desk person do the scanning, so maybe that would allow them to put the material directly into Document Manager outside the "View" mode in the tax software. It sure would be easier on me! Notwithstanding the above, I still say I will never spend another penny on anything Epson. These scanners are just too flimsy, especially considering the price. If they were less than $ 100, I'd cheerfully use them for a few months and toss them out and go buy another. Well, not cheerfully, but you get the idea.
  9. samingeorgia


    Actually, the Twain issue is from Drake! I have spoken to them on two occasions and both times they said that I had to have Twain in order to scan in documents within the tax software into Document Manager. Maybe if I was scanning directly into Document Manager it wouldn't be a problem, but that would be one more step for me. I scan the documents into the software while I'm meeting with the client or working on the return. The few Creative Solutions clients I have are big, so I keep hard copies of documents in a file for each year and also scan in items into the clients' individual files in MS-Office. The CPA that I shared an office with passed away in January, and his successor is a big fan of Creative Solutions. We talked to their sales rep earlier this year, and they are hell-bent on pushing everything to the "cloud". That's another topic for another day. The HP scanner I ordered has not yet arrived. I will keep everybody posted. Thanks to all for the input. This board is invaluable.
  10. samingeorgia

    Turn around time when faxing 2848 or 8821

    Abby, that's what I used -- to no avail.
  11. samingeorgia

    Turn around time when faxing 2848 or 8821

    What about SS-4's? I have had two back-to-back "sorry we can't process your request" messages and now I'm waiting. And waiting....
  12. samingeorgia


    I'm going to try the HP just to see. Late last year in getting ready for the season, I paid big bucks for a Fujitsu (because everybody says it's the Cadillac), but it wasn't Twain-compliant, so no bueno for me. I sent it back and got a complete refund and got the new Epson. It lasted almost through extension season before falling apart. Sic transit gloria mundi.
  13. samingeorgia


    Three Epson scanners in two years. They do OK at first but then can't seem to feed multiple sheets and start clicking for no apparent reason. I did about an hour of research and decided that the rollers needed replacing. So I went to the Epson website -- out of stock! I called their support number and spoke to a representative who said that, yes, the rollers are out of stock. I asked if she knew when they might have some more - she said, "Maybe weeks, maybe months - who knows?" Then she suggested I call a place in Washington. They had the rollers in stock so I ordered them and had my computer guy install them. The scanner still clicks and won't feed properly. I'm switching to an HP scanner. The scanners for Drake and Creative Solutions have to be "Twain Compliant". What a 19th century humorist has to to do with data storage is beyond me. Rant over. That is all.
  14. samingeorgia


    I got a call yesterday from a client. Went like this: Client: Hey, I heard there's a new law that allows you to deduct everything you buy. Me: Everything? Client: Yeah, I got some emails that said they have passed some new law that nobody knows about. Me: Send me one of those emails. Client: This was some time ago, I probably can't find the email. Me: Oh, OK, let me know if you find anything on this. The kicker for this exchange is what the guy does for a living. He's an engineer in a really big power plant....
  15. samingeorgia

    Lawsuit Advance Payments

    Here in the Atlanta area there is a company that advertises to provide money to people who have lawsuits pending while they wait for their cases to grind through the courts and settlement to occur. The thing that piques my curiosity is this: they say that if you lose your lawsuit, you do not have to repay the funds. So I'm wondering if these people will be taxed on these funds as cancellation of debt income. I'm curious what you guys think.