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  1. E & O Insurance - Western Surety

    I have a policy through them. I have never had a claim.
  2. Colorado Preparers

    Own Tax and Prior OT
  3. S Corp Health Ins Again

    That is my understanding, nothing changes for S-Corp officer until further guidance is issued by Internal Revenue Service.
  4. Colorado amended individual return

    I just attach the second page of the 1040Xwith explanation to the CO104X. My practice is in Colorado
  5. I wonder if any of the programmers/developers know anything about the tax practioners world?
  6. IRS barred from imposing competency exam

    I can hardly wait to read the entire ruling.
  7. Not Happy with ATX Changes

    John. Thank you for the laugh! mwrightea
  8. Not Happy with ATX Changes

    Thank you for letting us know that you are not happy with the separate payroll/max programs. Making Payroll a stand-alone application is actually going to make it easier for you for a number of reasons. Payroll and Income Taxes run on different filing deadlines. By separating Payroll and ATX, this allows us to be more responsive in the future to the demands and timing of the Payroll calendar, delivering form sets when they make the most sense from a payroll perspective. Separating Payroll from ATX also makes it easier for us to develop a more robust Payroll application now and in the years to come. Again, if you are still not satisfied with the separate programs, you can send a request to our developers by logging into the myatx support site, click on community board then post a message under the enhancements thread. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer support department at 1-800-638-8291. Thanks, ATX for letting me know that you are now running my practice, your changes are costing me a lot of wasted time, and time wasted is money lost. The software worked very well, for my practice. I have been a user since 1986. Your customer service response (see above) is based on a developers vision not your customers! We need one progarm, import of Quickbooks and Peachtree into 1040, 1065, 1120, and 1120s, Accuwage, spreadsheet and the ability to unlock forms. Your customer service should pass all request to the developers without the customer having to log in and complain again when an email has been sent to customer service.
  9. Print problem on certain forms

    David, I have had the same problem for two years. Tech support is looking into it and I have been informed by ATX twice in the last week that they are still looking into it. I cannot batch print a return with the 8948 but have found that I can print the return with the 8948 unselected then page print the 8948. Yes, it is a time consuming but it works. I am hoping for a fix this year.
  10. F8948 & F709 Problems

    Form 8948 does not print correctly when printed with a return. This form has to be printed separately otherwise all forms and worksheets that follow it are printed with this super sized font. This was a problem last year that I complained about and was never fixed. Form 706 line 9 and 11 does not calculate correctly and line 7 is incorrect. I would appreciate an answer from tech support as I have updated my program. These are ATX Form problems. I have sent to customer support At ATX waiting 24-48 hours for response. ATX Problem1.pdf Any help appreciated
  11. Most returns are Colorado and in Held state waitng on Federal. Should I just transmit state and hope for the best? Thanks for your replies
  12. Colorado Extensions

    It appears that Colorado Extensions with payments have to be mailed?
  13. 1040 Planner

    Thanks, I posted same question on ATX website, no response.
  14. 1040 Planner

    Anyone have any news when this will be released for paper printing? Shows that it's paper approved but still shows draft in updated program returns. I emailed ATX and the email response was that they would email me in 24-48 hours.
  15. ATX & Colorado Dept of Revenue

    Thanks for your reply, sorry for the spelling in original post.