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  1. afraid to get EA

    More than that; I recall conditional TRIPLE negatives. As for study time, I spent six intense weeks studying for all four parts. S-corporations and partnerships were returns I had never seen, so I gritted my teeth and spent extra time on those. If I recall, those sections resulted in my lowest scores - but still above the passing grade. What Sara said about learning to approach the questions is spot-on. Take the time to read them carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked! Figure the answer, then see if it's listed. If it's not, there are three possibilities: that you mis-read the question, that you don't know how to answer it, or that the correct answer is NOT one of the choices (and there were, when I took the tests, about 10% of total questions that fit that last one). If you satisfy yourself on choice 1, pick whatever looks most reasonable and move on.
  2. afraid to get EA

    I used the Gleim product with many, many,many practice tests. I knew it was going to be OK when my practice test scores got well above the passing grade. I also learned that every. single. time. I went back to a question, my second answer was wrong and my first was usually right. It saved me untold agony during the testing just not going back to older questions. You CAN do it. Instead of worrying about test anxiety, think instead that the worst that could happen is that you would have a better idea of what to expect a second time. You won't lose any clients, you don't have to cut prices, you don't have to wear a scarlet letter... It's all OK, and we'll all still love you.
  3. Extenders update

    I have had no one affected yet - but I also thank you!
  4. ATX client letters

    ...make me wilt. Guess I'll be rubbing ice on the back of my neck all day!
  5. ATX client letters

    @Abby Normal - there's a line between thawing and melting....
  6. ATX client letters

    That is NOT a positive aspect of this trip for us thick-blooded northerners!
  7. Importing QuickBooks Online Accounting Data

    I'll chime in too; I have NEVER liked the QB tax mapping/import. Plus I find the online version even *more* fraught with problems. Heck, I have QBO clients whose bank feeds mess up on a regular basis, and some of them just gave up and enter everything manually. Faster and more accurate than fixing double entries and missed entries. Print out (even just to pdf) a good P&L and work from that. You'll know where every entry came from and won't waste time chasing down irregularities.
  8. ATX client letters

    Already on my calendar!!! Woo-hoo!!!
  9. Double amend

    When did that happen? I missed it.
  10. How many times per day

    Either of them works - but what about "Tax Babe?"
  11. SEP IRA when employee part year sch C part year

    No problem contributing - just watch for the correction for SE and the limitations on total contributions to all plans ($53K? or something similar) for both employee and employer (and as SE he is both). But it's also limited by overall SE income, so hitting that higher limit should not be an issue.
  12. HP Printers

    I have an HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn that is fast and reliable. My only gripe with it is that sometimes it will decide it needs to calibrate itself and will stop in the middle of a job to do so. So never assume the job is done just because the printer has stopped!
  13. Moving Expenses

    Was there a job offered and accepted, that then fell through?
  14. Equifax back in the news

    WHERE ARE THE HANDCUFFS?!?! If any of us had a data breach and hid the evidence while doing nothing to stop the carnage, we would be in orange jumpsuits right now. So should the Equifax "executives" who did just that.
  15. It almost sounds like the money was left in your client's name rather than in an estate or trust. If that's the case, there would be gift tax implications to just give the entire $35K to each son this year. It might be best to give the money out over a couple of years to avoid the need for gift tax returns. He does not say how old the sons are. If they are adults, my advice would be to confer with the sons and see what they want - cash or stock. As long as each gets what he wants, and everyone knows the choices presented and what was made by each, there *should* not (ah, note use of the conditional!) be hard feelings down the line if one takes all cash and the other gets higher (or lower) value stock.