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  1. Personal question, kind of

    And Jim, please remember that in the history of this world there has only ever been ONE perfect person, and none of us here (including you, including me) are He. It's OK not to be perfect. And it's not like we have a choice. Release yourself from the need for perfection. Excellence, yes - but that is not perfection.
  2. Personal question, kind of

    @JimTaxes yes please do!
  3. Efile Mandate

    A client can always opt out of e-filing (there's a form for that!) but the preparer cannot opt out of offering.
  4. Personal question, kind of

    We always defrost the freezer in the middle of winter. We put the frozen food in a box outside when it's colder than the freezer gets!
  5. IRS Audit Letter

    I think once it goes to audit, you have to go that route. However, if you do find one student took the credit five times, go in saying "we looked into this, discovered a mistake, here's the correction" and you may be done in a half hour. If it's a correspondence audit, do the same thing but on paper.
  6. Personal question, kind of

    I used to get the post-season letdown until I learned to have activities planned for right after, that have nothing to do with taxes. Garden. Bicycle. Family. This year my younger daughter is planning an open house party for this coming Sunday, so I spent today out at her house, helping her get ready. It really helps to have a right-away reminder that there is a life outside of tax season. However, if you really start to feel hopeless, go see your doctor! There may be something wrong; don't discount that possibility, if tackling a new task doesn't distract you from the sadness.
  7. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    One of my clients has a dump truck. Would love to see one of THOSE in the supermarket parking lot!
  8. MeF is down

    Why limit yourself? Do both!
  9. I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    Remember when we posted pictures of our desks? She had a London travel blog (that I later bookmarked!) up on her monitor. (If I recall correctly.)
  10. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    The sundae was great! Enjoy your time with your wife.
  11. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    What did YOU do to celebrate the end of tax season? Sleep? Eat? Drink? All of the above? My husband and I are going out in about a half hour, to get me a hot fudge sundae. That's my celebration.
  12. I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    Congratulations! Enjoy the feeling, maybe do something extra fun tonight (I have designs on a hot fudge sundae, myself). We'll see you on the forum!
  13. THE END.......

    I came home an hour ago. Everyone is on extension. We're officially closed tomorrow.
  14. MeF is down

    The latest from Drake is that the IRS is allowing LIMITED e-files currently. So my guess is that the various software companies have been given quotas and data rates to stay within as they test the system, and that those will be increased slowly until lifted (assuming no further problems).

    That was probably me, here in the home of Romneycare.