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  1. Form 1116

    Anything I am desperate to find, cannot find, and cannot figure out. Software not so much; for that I call tech support (and I switched to Drake in the 2012 tax year debacle).
  2. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    I keep hoping that one of these days they will MEAN it!
  3. Form 1116

    I have often found that if I look ALL over for an answer, and simply can NOT find it, it helps to post a query. Because then, the answer I spent three hours looking for pops up from my OWN desk, RIGHT in front of me, where it was hiding all along, to say "Here I am; fooled you!" But it always makes me ask before it will come out of hiding.
  4. How are accounting practices sold?

    And if you're in Ohio, maybe Jack in Ohio is interested in taking on your clients.
  5. Filing 1099s for 2016. Can they still efile in Dec??

    Ah; sorry that I misunderstood. Once the FIRE system re-opens, you can file the 1099's, yes. Until then, you could still mail them in. And you can mail recipient copies out, as well.
  6. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    I buy my newsletters from Tax News & Tips; have for years. They have paper or electronic, black and white or color. Plus they have a mail-for-you service. http://www.taxnewsandtips.com/
  7. Filing 1099s for 2016. Can they still efile in Dec??

    If you filed for 2016 in October, then you need to amend - and those cannot be e-filed. If you did not file and the client is just really late, then you have to wait for e-file to start up again in January - or file on paper, now.
  8. Any idea on e-services?

    It eventually brings you to the same login screen that gives the "out of order" message.
  9. Any idea on e-services?

    I am still getting the "down for maintenance" error when trying to log in (and boy oh boy just trying to find that new login page is a royal PITA). I have moved my main office, need to update that info in e-services, and of course now cannot. Anyone have any idea how long this is supposed to last?
  10. Scanners

    May it serve you long and well!
  11. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    ALL my bills start with relatively high per-form charges (that the client does NOT see). If they are a PITA, they don't get a discount (or near so big a discount), and on rare occasion I will add a "document processing fee" or "return re-calculation fee" (this latter if someone comes in with enough new material to make me re-do a completed return - very rare, but it has happened). But not specifically a "missed appointment" fee - because in my book, missed appointments are "found time" (unless I made special provisions for someone), and I find it more of a PITA to have to keep hounding someone for the stock basis info on insurance on their rental house or... the list is nearly endless, and we could all fill it in.
  12. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    I use https://youcanbook.me/ which is great (and free!). No calls, no emails - go pick a time. I get a confirmation by email. You can set up the hours YOU are available, and they pick from known-available times.
  13. Secure File Pro Connect

    Drake is also really good about explaining their products, if you call and ask.
  14. E-Services still unavailable?

    Magic 8-Ball says "Answer hazy; ask again later!"