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  1. Scanners

    If you have Tic, Tie, and Calculate (an Adobe plug-in from CPaperless) it has shortcuts to bookmark, annotate, repaginate, add a paper tape calculator, add internal hot-links, and rotate single pages. If you use Drake's Gruntworx (Gruntworx was separate, Drake bought it, it works for anyone) it comes with a TTC license. I use it *all* the time. TTC does not work with Nuance, though. I dunno about it working with any other pdf editing programs.
  2. 2018 PTIN

    I renewed my PTIN today but it seems that my CPE total doesn't match what they have on record. At some point (soon!) I'm going to need to take a closer look at that. Then make sure that what I have plus what is still scheduled hit the magic 30-hours-with-2-ethics.
  3. Scanners

    I have a non-TWAIN scanner that we use for client docs with the Drake document cabinet. We just save directly to the cabinet. It is literally zero more work - you just do the folder-choosing and file-naming in a different place. I need TWAIN for bank deposits - so I take those to the my home office and use the Kodak i1120 scanner there.
  4. Bug Out

    Where my husband grew up, in Los Alamos New Mexico, there was a huge fire about 15-ish years ago. Lots of houses were lost (not his family's house) but plenty of folks he knew either lost homes or had major damage. It's all rebuilt now - but the photos he has from years ago show well-forested mountains, and I've only ever seen mountains that look like they have toothpicks sticking up all over the place. New growth is coming in slowly - but the higher the elevation, the slower it goes. We have never had to "bug out" here in eastern (& central) Massachusetts - although with one storm or another, we have been without power for >1 week several times and without water treatment (plant failure) once that was also a week or more. A number of those times were in central Mass with a well for water. However, it's not impossible that we'd need to bug out from here, and that is not something I've really ever planned for (I have the hunkering down to last out the week-plus down; oil lamps, water sources, burner that hooks up to a propane tank, bleach for water treatment, filtration, ways to stay cool or warm). I'll have to add the bug-out scenario to the list. Thanks.
  5. For those of you running your network over wifi...

    You don't want to know my thoughts about them. Really.
  6. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    With Symantec, you can encrypt specific files, specific folders (and everything new put in those folders automatically gets encrypted), specific partitioned drives, or the entire drive. I was basically wondering if W10 mucks up *all* of that (since folders and files use hard drive space) or if it's specific to the C drive, for example.
  7. Gee, I thought they were already doing that.
  8. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    Do you know anything about W10 and folder-level encryption with Symantec?
  9. Form 3115

    'Swhat I thunked.
  10. For those of you running your network over wifi...

    Yup. We don't have it here - the wifi function on the modem is OFF. People complain; too bad. It's MY hindquarters on the line if their info gets compromised because of my systems. And yes - always run multiple wires.
  11. Form 3115

    Has anyone ever seen one of these questioned? A client called me, saying she thought I had one checkbox on the stupid thing wrong (a client who came to me specifically *because* she could not figure out depreciation on a rental property; now she's expert on Form 3115?! lol). I told her to send it in as it was. But it got me to thinking - has anyone ever seen one of these monsters questioned? They get efiled with the returns, a copy gets mailed to Kentucky - and I've never heard a peep about any of them. My working assumption is they figure we do 'em right, maybe look for the 481a correction, and the paper copies just get scanned and attached to the master file. How far off am I, does anyone want to weigh in?
  12. Minimal Depreciation

    I don't know why my brain recalls these trivial things, but "grievous error" in Russian is "grubuyu oshibku" (with all the u's sounding like ooooooooooooo, not oh).
  13. Equifax Website goes offline

    Sorry, @BulldogTom, but I don't take "sucker bets" ever. LOL!
  14. Equifax Website goes offline

    Ah, *there* is the $64,000 question! When you find an answer, PLEASE let us all know!
  15. Hang in there!

    I have a smoothed-out rough spot, an appointment for next week, and a strong need for a nap. Which I am going to indulge!