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cannot believe Joe diffie has died from this!

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It is sad and worrisome to think that we may actually lose a family member or someone we know firsthand to this.  I hope each of us are trying our best to follow the safety protocols to stay safe and healthy.  ❤️

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I now know 8 people (and 2 that I don't know personally) with the virus, 2 are over 80 and suffering at home as they were told they would be better off there.  Each one's family is now infected.  They are all from NYC.  The last few days I work from 6am to 12, then after lunch I spend some time on the phone checking in on older clients and friends.  Everyone is home when I call.  I sense a lot of understandable anxiety, fear, and worry.  But having a conversation helps to smooth things out a little especially since many people don't know what to make of this.  I feel that staying in touch helps us to cope.

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client/friend called crying (hysterically) today about I am not really sure - just scared! But she is still working fixing lunches at school kitchen 4 hours in am and babysitting grandkids (shes about 50) - i Not at all worried about her hubby who is a truck driver, packs his own lunch, use paper towels while fueling and rest stops, - I said he should also change his shirt!

One office staff person came in - asked her to leave her coat in plastic bag - so warm when she went to car and take shoes off and wash her hands in warm soapy water at door - my she was offended - snapped at hubby - cried later as she was scared -

She is not coming back for a couple months?

Rest are remote .. but some stuff I needed but as of today in North Central WI we are closed to the public.

And hubby says if someone is in the office I am upstairs! and they must wipe down and disinfect before I can go down and that I must wear shoes in the office and take off at stair door!  I am always barefoot!!

but everyone wants to come in, wants their taxes down now!!  - they are not taking this seriously!!



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The governor of Georgia just said he didn't know asymptomatic people could spread the virus.  Now I know what ignorance is bliss means.  This is why we are where we are, God help us from this type of ignorance.

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