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IRS Frustration, Fraud


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I'm in the never ending merry-go-round with the IRS.  

Client had a fraudulant 2020 return filed mere days after she passed away.  We didn't know at the time, but when we went to file the returns 2020 & 2021 rtn (yes, 2020 was late) in Sept 2022, obviously it was discovered a few months later when the refunds weren't issued.  I have been through ID verification 7 times 🤬 for the 2020 & 2021 returns.  I finally got the 2021 refund, but 2020 (the return that actually had fraud) still, 1.5 years later is in limbo. Strangely I got another letter that they needed me to ID verify 2021 again and soon after a copy of the cleint's tax transcript for 2020 that said I requested it, but I didn't.  Of course, I have called the ID verification number at least 50 times, and it says, you "due to high call volume, we cannot take your call at this time."

Adding insult to injury, the main IRS reps cannot field any calls regarding the still outstanding 2020 refund until I ID verification, for the 8th time, has been completed. 

And the true cherry on top.  They said processing after ID verification is taking upwards of 650 days!! (This is much worse than the 430 days number I got 6 months ago.) 

WTH.  I don't even know who to go to for help. Can't the gov't be held accountable in some way for this nightmare of disorganization.  It has got to be criminal the way the IRS is being managed these days. 

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I had an estate return (only filed to get refund for one of the pandemic credits) take more than two years to get processed and the funds received. There was no fraud or other issues and was timely filed. Even after about 4 years, still dealing with estate issues, such as trying to get native oil/gas dividends/settlements transferred (the folks who manage these have zero incentive to actually help).

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For my client who has not gotten his 2022 return yet and no word other than that it still being processed:  I tried the Taxpayer Advocates; received no reply;  After 46 minutes on hold with the PPS, I was told that they couldn't talk to me because "check the box" had expired.  Client has finally sent in paperwork to State Senator.  Will see if that goes anywhere.  The IRS is so badly broken that I wonder how we can continue to move forward.

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17 hours ago, G2R said:

I finally got the 2021 refund, but 2020 (the return that actually had fraud) still, 1.5 years later is in limbo.

How much is the 2020 refund you are expecting? Who is trying to have their ID verified? I can't imagine how it's possible it could take that long.

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17 hours ago, joanmcq said:

WE all know that the IRS has been woefully underfunded until recently.  This isn't to disparage mcb39 and GR2's comments, but you've got to give them time to hire and train people.

But, then, why won't they talk to some of us who might know the answers?

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3 hours ago, mcb39 said:

But, then, why won't they talk to some of us who might know the answers?

That is the 64 thousand dollar question.   I am amazed that the IRS spends so much energy on not talking to the very force multiplier that they need, US!    We can talk to them and get them what they need to close their cases, but they have treated us like the problem and not the solution for the last decade.   Congress and the tax code are the IRS problems, not reputable tax pros.   

The IRS knows who I am.   They gave me my EA license.   They hear from me every three years when I renew.  They gave me my PTIN.  They collect a check every year for that number as well.   They gave me my EIN for my company.  They gave me my EFIN number.   They gave me my CAF number.   They know my SSN.   They require my software provider to know my information before I can use a software that they approve every year.   They can look up how many returns I prepare and how many POAs I have on file and how many times I call in and the number of returns that are selected from my client list for audit and the resolution on those audits.   The Commissioner knows me better than anyone except my spouse.  And they treat me like I am the problem instead of the TurdoTax software they allow on the market.

I am just so fed up with the incompetence of the IRS leadership, especially the Commissioner.   I wish he would realize I can get his backlog on my clients through the system faster than his staff can without me.   Just staff the PPL line and let us work with the quality revenue officials, like we used to do when I first got my license.

Stepping down from my soap box now.   I feel better.

Longview, TX

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