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  1. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    It's more than 20 years of free issues from Kiplinger for us.
  2. Filing 1099s for 2016. Can they still efile in Dec??

    Based on this status page for the IRS FIRE system, I'd say that e-filing of 1099s at this time is not available again until after Jan 8th. Whether using ATX, some other software, or online, don't they all ultimately go through the FIRE system or not? For example, Drake creates a file but I enter my own transmitter number and log in directly to the FIRE system and upload the file. With ATX software it's more seamless, but aren't they acting as the transmitter and still going through FIRE since they aren't going through MeF? https://www.irs.gov/e-file-providers/filing-information-returns-electronically-fire
  3. Filing 1099s for 2016. Can they still efile in Dec??

    That's how I interpreted the question too.
  4. ...when I see many familiar names start to reappear in the "Who's Online" list. I'm glad to see people returning and am very appreciative of the core group of members that contribute year round too. Welcome home!
  5. Secure File Pro Connect

    Thanks for explaining the difference between SFP and the new Connect. I'd looked previously and couldn't find the new features.
  6. 1099 / W-2 program

    I respectfully disagree because, as you said, the IRS didn't shift the cost so nothing was "shoved down our throats" with this. Some make a choice to purchase forms for a price rather than wait for the free ones from the Service, and some make another choice of paper-filing over e-filing of the forms. I remember the ATX program being very easy to prepare and e-file those forms, easier than e-filing the 1040s. Depending on the ATX package purchased, the W-2/1099 prep may be included with that, and if purchasing a package that doesn't have it then there are the other programs and online sites that were mentioned earlier in this topic. Personally, I've never had an issue with receiving the free ones from the IRS.
  7. 2015 Form 1040X - has not received check yet

    I hate the new IRS interface too. Here's a link to Where's My Amended Return.
  8. 1099-G information ALL states - Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi Nicole and welcome to the group. We appreciate the sharing of information, but since this is a site for mainly users of ATX many users will not be looking at this subforum for Pro Series. Also, there are probably many, or most, members that would not be comfortable clicking a link to a downloadable excel file from anyone, let alone a new person that just joined the group. For those reasons and because my list of states' EINs is missing only 7 or 8 states at this point, would you mind providing the information for those so that I may incorporate that data into my pinned post in the main General Chat forum. Thanks.
  9. Solution to IRS bottlenecks

    I agree with Max' post above and about possibly escalating this to a supervisor once the case is confirmed as finished and that the client is due the refund. I also agree with Jack that trying to claim the refund on the next year's return would expose the preparer to accuracy-related penalties. Doing so would be a clear and intentional violation of Circ. 230. Additionally, doing so would go against the basic underlying premise, and one that auditors rely on, that each tax year stands on its own and that a error or omission in one year can NOT be corrected in the subsequent year. It would serve to foul up that following year also, and that is not in the client's best interest. Of course, this assumes that the preparer did not, in fact, request a credit carryover of the refund to be applied as part of the estimated taxes of that subsequent year.
  10. new scam

    I googled that phone number and got many hits where people have reported receiving the same robocall. Another scam.
  11. Solution to IRS bottlenecks

    Everyone, please stick to the above topic as that was the guise under which this topic was posted. Any further comments on the intent or reactions of Congress, complicity of then-IRS commissioner, IRS collapse, or anything else having a political bent to it, then this thread will be deleted.
  12. NT: Thanksgiving

    Wishing everyone here the very best holiday and safe travels for those that will be doing so.
  13. Office 365

    I have it too and didn't notice any difference in using it, and I like the fact that it is always up-to-date.
  14. Forum Terms of Use & Rules
  15. I am not a robot

    How does it see the street signs?!