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  1. Secure File Pro Connect

    Is this part of the software or is it an add on? Considering Drake for next year and this would be a pkus.

    Two lines on postcard: 1. How much did you Make? 2. Send it in!
  3. 2018 PTIN

  4. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    I haven't tried bit locker yet, but I can tell you first hand Symantec Disc encryption would not allow the update in. Security patches were OK but I had two brand new machines that wouldn't upgrade to the newest version of Windows 10 and when I finally figured out that the only thing these two machines had in common was the encryption software, I researched it online and sure enough Windows must have access to the entire hard drive and something in Symantec keeps this from happening. They did have a script for the anniversary addition but when mine was trying to update to the creator edition I couldn't find anything. You can not believe the amount of money this journey has cost me in the last year!
  5. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    Exactly. There is no way to stop it you can only temporarily postpone them.
  6. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    Not so. I have Windows 10 Pro and all I can do is pause the update, and that is not indefinitely. If you can block updates please tell me how! Every time a major one comes I end up with something else broke. Also a note to any who may be running Symantec Disc Encryption software, Windows 10 will not be able to do any major update with the hard drive encrypted. I have had my hard drive encrypted using Symantec and I kid you not, on the last update to the creator edition it locked my computer down so tight it cost me $450.00 to get it usable again. Finally updated to the Creator version last week and now I have a printing issue as a result. Some programs, not all will not print unless I go and find a dll file and end it in the task master. It has been a royal pain and now another one is coming tomorrow? I haven't recovered from the last.
  7. 2018 PTIN

    I received mine today. I do believe it is legit as it is not asking us to click on any link just reminding us that we need an active email but doesn't have to be a company email.
  8. Education Credit

    I had a client who got that letter last year. She did not have any 529 plan. By the time I got the letter she had one day to respond, so I had her call to get an extension so she could pull her records and the IRS Agent pulled up her account to and could see no reason for the letter and told her everything was fine. Never heard anything else since. So it's worth a try to call and ask?
  9. Payroll - direct deposit and checks issued

    If an employee has a loan or mortgage conditioned on having direct deposit it is between him and the bank not the employer. It is not a requirement that I am aware of that an employee can dictate to his employer his method of payment. If it sounds like I'm harsh I apologize but I have seen way to many examples where the employee starts small in his demand, oops I mean request, than demands, oops again, I mean request other things until finally the employee is calling all the shots. Direct deposit is not free to the employer. In the case of my client we use Quickbooks to process payroll and Intuitive request an additional $1.75 to process direct deposit. Now times that by 10 who get paid weekly and payroll processing has gotten far more expensive than printing a check. If I could deduct that from the employees check maybe so. But I call almost guarantee you that the employee would be livid even at the thought of having to pay for that convenience! At least in my clients situation!
  10. IRS bill - Shared responsibility payment for 2016

    Only ones seem to be those who owed. I have not heard from anyone with a refund.
  11. IRS bill - Shared responsibility payment for 2016

    Everyone of my clients who owed the penalty and paid it by the due date have received a bill. You have to call and have them move the payment over. A royal mess!
  12. Do you accept credit card payments?

    I'm with Jack on this one. Square is great! I have never had a problem and they are very generous with their hardware. I have several swipers including the one that is used for the chip cards. Money is usually in my account the next day. Never ever had an issue. Paypal on the otherhand, well I don't want to go into it right now, but if they were the only ones out there I would never use them. We did not part on good terms! I won in the end, but they lost in the long run!
  13. Payroll - direct deposit and checks issued

    Problem I ran into with one of my clients who was going to offer it, was that the payroll had to be processed earlier for the employees to get their paycheck direct deposited. For example we did payroll every Friday, but for him to get his money I would have to do it Thursday. Technically I would have to do two payroll's just to accommodate the one employee that wanted direct deposit. It would be fine if everyone wanted it, but out of 7 he was the only one. We chose not to offer for that very reason.
  14. can't log in on second computer after pw change

    You can reset the password with your customer id# and installation code. I believe all you have to do is click either forgot password or reset not sure the exact wording because I'm not in front of my computer. It happened to mine as well because you haven't logged in when the password change was required so it simply locked you out. Hope this helps!
  15. Employer Tax ID Question

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I did try to apply for a new EIN and as we all thought, it was rejected so the old one is still active. Yeah! I am so glad this client is starting his business back up as he is among my top 2 favorite clients. He listens to and always asks advice before he does anything major that will effect him tax wise. He is one of the few I work for that actually takes into account that although he may be paying someone 15.00 per hour that is not the true cost to him because of payroll taxes, work comp, ect... I am truly looking forward to working for him again!