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  1. Filing 1099s for 2016. Can they still efile in Dec??

    thank you Judy - I kinda thought not, but just trying to plan ahead if we can get these out or not. (Yes - the tax return was filed, with the promise that the 1099's would be issued, rather late than never.)
  2. I have client that filed tax return in October, and is just now getting 1099 info to me for 2016. Can we still efile those???
  3. Filed the 2015 1040X in August. Received CP21 Oct 16 telling him should receive check in 2-3 weeks. Still hasn't received check. He and I both have tried to call. I cannot believe how many times I have been disconnected from priority line! Anyway - wondered what people thought - or if people had any other means of contacting IRS!!
  4. why aren't the older versions available to download?

    ok - that was hiding! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just upgraded my computer. Downloaded 2016 a few days ago. Need 2015 as well. Not available. 2017 is. Really? Why can't that just leave that stuff out there for a few years for us. Now I gotta find my disk. Or call them. Which I'd rather dig thru the dust and find my disk. Not in the mood for a sales pitch today. grumble mumble.....grumble mumble....
  6. Rant for the Day

    Thank you for this rant! I have taken the advise of another tax attorney/EA who has raised his fee significantly for EIC and 8867 based on the number of hours the IRS says it takes to prepare. I placed a large notice out front that your return fees are going up if you have EIC. I lost a couple clients and I have steered a few away just because I know what kind of people they are. EIC is a game that the welfare have mastered in my area.
  7. Scanners

    I read that fast and thought you had been using Xerox for 152 years! And thinking - is Xerox that old? And assuming tax preparers never die.....
  8. speaking of 3115.....

    Taxpayer and wife have a farm. (and losses for the first 3 years, as any good farmer shall have....) Taxpayer claims farm. Taxpayer and wife get loan from the FSA and FSA says they are a partnership since the land is owned jointly and the barns are owned jointly. (Yeah - the FSA wanted the second signature.) But now the Taxpayer is wondering if we should amend past 3 years since their farm is now declared by a federal agency a partnership. In looking at the return, they would get a refund having the farm offset the wife's self-employed income. Is this a 3115 or just amended returns? (remember the good old days when you could just mark the "joint" box on the top of a Schedule F or Schedule C instead of creating 2 and splitting in half.)
  9. having trouble with direct debit on efiled return. rejected

    well - within the year - at least. Come on.......a little credit
  10. OIC when 941 taxes are also in arrears

    assuming you checked the statutes and he is still in time frame to make payment. I'm kinda new in representation work. But I can give you a great reference to a guy in Buffalo NY who really knows his stuff: Lawrence Lawler. Address: 2250 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221 Phone: (716) 631-5111
  11. Hang in there!

    I'm blaming the weather. My clients have been the worst this year. I think it's been too nice out here in western NY and they still think it's summer. They have been slow, and lazy. I think when it's cold out, people around here are more likely to tend to their paperwork. Or maybe I'm just a little more grumbly-mumbly lately......
  12. having trouble with direct debit on efiled return. rejected

    It worked today with today's date. I had not come across that before. Thank you!!
  13. invoicing software

    I think my problem is I HATE QUICKBOOKS and try to avoid it at all costs.....
  14. I have a client that is owing money with his return and he's actually paying it on time. Which is awesome. And they gave me the bank details today and I input to take money tomorrow. And I am getting rejected with a message that the pay date cannot be later than the tax return due date. (yes - we filed ext) Can I not pay with a return now?
  15. invoicing software

    Let me pick everyone's brain again. We have forever used the invoicing/billing in the ATX software. And any services outside of ATX are billed manually on a word document. And all our billing is kept track of in an excel spreadsheet (and not a fancy one either.) Wondering what software suggestions my fellow ATXers have. My problem lately is that we have grown enough that tracking billing is getting cumbersome. Especially for non-tax return work. When it is a tax return, it doesn't get efiled til I get paid. But some of my other IRS rep work and compliance work is harder to keep track of.