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  1. should be payroll but got a 1099

    A weathly family in town has created a corporation - we'll call "Family Inc." Family Inc "contracts" with home health care people (usually young people that can't find a job elsewhere) and pays them to care for the elderly Mrs. in her home. These people are given set hours to go to the home and sit with or do small household jobs for the Mrs. At the end of the year, a 1099Misc is issued to them, and Family Inc is reimbursed by the insurance company. This enable Mrs. to stay at home and Family Inc to get their reimbursement. However, it is my young client with a $49000 1099 that gets stuck. And she knows it's her responsibility to pay the tax, and she admits she should have come to me earlier to figure this out. But - this is clearly payroll and the taxes should have been taken and paid by Family Inc. What recourse do we have? Can she file the 8919 even if she knew they were treating her as a contractor and she agreed to it? I don't think that flies. Should she file ss8? The poor kid owes close to $11000 plus state income tax. Haven't been down this road before and wondering if anyone else has and how it went.
  2. have a 2016 990EZ that hasn't gone thru

    It wasn't there to select to re-hang. I will file extension - good idea.....
  3. have a 2016 990EZ that hasn't gone thru

    actually - I tried that this afternoon before posting on this forum again. I will have to contact customer service.:(
  4. have a 2016 990EZ that hasn't gone thru

    This return is still hanging out there as transmitted. Looked on efile status and it has not gone thru. I cannot delete it. Not sure how to proceed but the return will considered late after Feb 15th
  5. Division of Refund

    I've tried using the 8888 before. As is the typical case, when there is a client with issues, this won't work like its supposed to either and they will get check in mail weeks later. Keep an eye on it.
  6. Maybe I'm way out on a limb. Please take it easy on me. Client retired to NY. (Nobody moves to NY to retire!!) Previously lived entire working life in PA. Has significant IRA withdrawals in 2017 as a NYS resident ($85000) which were taxed on PA returns when put into IRA. (In NY we would have followed the IRS and had a deduction). NY only lets me exclude $20000 from income in 2017. So $65000 is taxed in NY. My client is paying double tax. Is there any where that I can take a credit for tax previously paid to PA. (IT-112R seems to only let me take credit for taxes being paid in current year.)
  7. 1099s for Amish contractors

    thank you Jfreinert!!
  8. 1099s for Amish contractors

    Unfortunately, I am not the payroll or accounting department. They have already paid these guys. We are on clean up duty trying to issue 1099s. If only you knew what your clients were doing 8 months ago......
  9. 1099s for Amish contractors

    We live in a rural area of western nys where there has been a bit of influx of amish in the last few years, and they do some construction work occasionally. I have 2 clients this year that used Amish to build something for them, and they should be issued 1099s. Personally, I think it is absolutely wrong that the people are allowed to make money and not pay tax on it for "religious" purposes. I struggle with that no matter what the religion or what they are doing. But - I digress - what is my client supposed to do about filing the 1099. Are they off the hook since the Amish refuse to get IDs?
  10. How To Dig A Hole 101

    quick answer: call Paychex.
  11. NOL carryforward from previously unfiled returns

    Just delete this post now.....nevermind......
  12. NOL carryforward from previously unfiled returns

    I missed the "timely" election to carry forward, didn't I?
  13. I agree - that makes a very awkward situation when I have to give my DOB and SS#. I don't use my SS# on the 2848, so that really bothered me that they asked me for that. Between all the due diligence crap and the IRS phone drill, I'm beginning to wonder if my license means anything at all.
  14. NY Drivers License

    I was hoping the driver's license info rolled over and gave us a warning if it expired. Yeah - no luck there. So dig out last years and re-enter or see if expired. You'd think ATX could have helped us on this one.
  15. NT - Follow VinnyTaxDog on instagram

    My kids got me set up with Vinny (the dog in my picture) on Instagram. We try to post every few days. I'm so excited, we have over 100 followers already. (Mostly other dog people.) But we try to post some tax stuff.