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  1. Around the 1st of August I had a notification to change my password. I have 2 computers using ATX, which are not networked. For the first couple of times we have had to do the password thing, it was initiated on the second computer. However, this time I did it on mine. Now the second computer cannot log in. We did the typical re-boot, clear cookies, but still cannot log in. Any advise?
  2. Cannot direct deposit with amended returns
  3. Thank you Abby Normal - I didn't know that!
  4. Lovely bitter and battered couple living apart for some time now unable to come to a divorce settlement. One lives in Md, and the other in NY. Court has told them to file jointly. (This is the 2015 return. The 2016 returns are filed separately.) The 2014 return was filed jointly in Florida. Which address should I use? Taxpayer wants whats most tax beneficial. Spouse wants Md address so she can collect the check in her mailbox............ I have come to the conclusion over the years that there should not even be a joint tax return. Everyone should just file their own independent return. No exemptions, no deductions. Just calculate your tax and pay it.
  5. I'm going around in circles with 990 and the Schedule I. I have values on 990 part ix line 1 for grants to domestic organizations. This line refers you to part iv line 21. And tells you to fill out Sch I. Sch I is filled out entirely. Part iv line 21 still has the no box checked. (I override to yes) when i run error check or try to create efile, it tells me sch I must be complete. but it is!!!! How do I tell it that the sch I is there.
  6. I was engaged a few years ago to help an elderly woman with her checkbook and help her sort mail and pay bills. She did not have children, but had a nephew who was afraid he was not going to be getting any money from her because she was making too many donations to the church. Now - I was young and didn't realize how messy this could get. But after a few months of helping her, the nephew called me up just furious because my name was on a credit application that she received in the mail. Yikes! I did not apply for anything, but my name got on her mailing lists, and so he accused me of trying to get credit in her name. And he was also mad because I had "allowed" her to continue to make contributions to the church. I certainly could not stop any one from making a contribution. But somehow he felt that I was supposed to. I quickly disengaged myself from that mess. (Unfortunately shortly after that they managed to sedate her heavily and moved her to a nursing home where she died a very untimely death, in my opinion.) So - anyway - BEWARE!
  7. in regard to ethical violation, eventually, i agree that stuff would be returned. however, at that initial confrontation, we should have held it. I would have. And then if she demanded it, we would have turned it over. but I think she would have stormed out empty-handed had she not already been given the box, and then she would have had to come back. And then she may have decided to pay. However, with all her goodies in hand she went straight to HR or similar and then they did the return. (apparently she took out her ledger showing the additional income.) But the return would be incorrect, regardless, because no one asked for the depreciation. Oh well. I just have to not care. grumble mumble.....grumble mumble.....
  8. I KNOW!!! And my secretary gave her the box, she sat it on the table behind her in the reception area. Then my secretary got out the tax return and was reviewing it with her. When she heard she owed money, she started bipping at her and then took her box and left. And I will tell you, usually my secretary is very very good at keeping stuff back and demanding payment, but she slipped up that time. (partly because the box was kinda gross and she was just wanting to get it out of here, I think.........) Anyway - yes - keeping their stuff is what should have happened.
  9. prayers to you and your family. my dad died from cancer 2 summers ago. the time, the grief, and worry - it all takes a toll. still does, 2 years later. take care and god's peace be with you and your mom.
  10. my dad had an edsel. Welcome!! The people on this forum are great!
  11. I have known the Taxpayer forever, and he is a bit of a friend to my husband now. He is on his third wife, and she is really something else. She brought their stuff in in late Jan, and also need a single page "financial statement" of sorts for other reasons. We did that, and we did the tax return. They are farmers. In NYS you get a refund of your school tax paid in, so that's always a nice chuck of change for them. However, they had a liability to the Feds this year, which is usually a refund. ( they have a bunch of kids, and usually get EIC, one of my few clients in that area.) So - she was all pissed off and gave her piece of mind to my secretary (I wasn't here) and marched out of the office without her tax return and without her financial statement, but with her box of papers. (oh, did I mention that we spend a good 4-5 hours tallying up their crap?). Anyway - tried to leave many many voicemails, and to no avail. Sent a bill for collections and got a message back on my machine that thanks for past services - they went to someone else. My bill to them was in the neighborhood of $1000 for the time, the return, and the financial statement. Not sure how to handle it.
  12. I marked that ID was not available for my NYS extensions. NYS - Uncle Andy - always protecting us. So far I've had refunds held for 2 old student loans and 1 old child support..........and we have caught a number of expired licenses. Always nice to do the work of DMV or DOJ for them........
  13. I have a good-ole bulldog Brit for a secretary, and she has told everyone that forms and money have to be in the office by Friday afternoon. PERIOD. Monday we will be here but we are not filing any more taxes we are only efiling and double checking that we got everyone. Tuesday I have to be out of town with my daughter. I haven't decided if my secretary should be here Tuesday or if we should just lock up for the day. But she will be wanting to file and cleanup the mess.
  14. what online seminar did you take. I have an audit and the agent thinks it's a hobby.
  15. Should I charge extra for all the damn envelopes in my garbage this year, or should I just stuff them in the folder with the tax return - "here, take your damn envelopes back."