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  1. Contributions in lieu of Taxes

    I think IRS will shoot it down fairly easily, but it is creative.
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR...............To Ya'all

    Happy New Year to All Y'all.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR...............To Ya'all

    Usually the words contain extra syllables. Any southern English speaker can make the word "hear" (or "here") come out with two syllables and make it sound as natural as can be.
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR...............To Ya'all

    Elrod, let me correct your 3rd person pronouns. The 2nd/3rd person singular/plural is "Y'all. (can be one or more other people) The 3rd person plural/plural is "All Y'all". (must be a whole bunch of other people)
  5. Merry Christmas!!!

    How do you know if an introvert likes you? When he talks with you he looks at your shoes instead of his own.
  6. I swear I knew this - SEHI deduction

    Just pay yourself $6 and call it a day. No need to amend.
  7. It seems we are getting a new tax bill (Law)

    But no significant downside either, unless they parked it in bitcoin during the interim.
  8. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Same sentiments here, Catherine.
  9. Pass Through Scenario - Please share thoughts

    A cursory look at the rules tells me that a small business operating as a C corp would generally be much better off electing S corp status. A C corp earning less than $75K or so will see an increase in its tax liability since the 15% rate on the first $50K is now raised to 21%.
  10. Year End Tax Moves

    Nice summary. Thanks, Lynn & AbbyN
  11. Healthcare Mandate

    One report I saw said the individual mandate would expire in 2019, if it remains in its present form. (But maybe that's old news). In any event, as Jack says, nothing is known until the final legislation is written and signed. That won't happen until all the the various bribes & trade-offs are in place. It's not for nothing that we have the best politicians money can buy.
  12. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    Doesn't make any difference to me - I still have plenty to do. A missed appointment is never time wasted in an efficient office. As for the rest of the answer, I'll just say read Catherine's response. Good business practice isn't found in policies and procedures - it lies in the ability to make wise distinctions.
  13. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    Anyone who anticipates remaining in this business for many years should think seriously about the ages of their current and prospective clients, and adapt to their means of communication. It's going to be difficult to grow in the coming years unless the preparer utilizes texting, online methods, and email. It still surprises me to see that even much of the older generation has gravitated to text and email communications. And except in very rare cases, it's virtually impossible to communicate with any person under 35 in any manner other than electronically. So a practitioner who ignores this trend can most likely expect to see their client base shrink in the future. That's OK if the business plan is a glide path toward retirement, but it's not a formula for growth. As an aside, I can't imaging charging for a missed appointment. I always have enough work on my desk to occupy me whether a particular client shows up or not. If they miss an appointment, we can reschedule. Charging for missed appointments may be a good short-term ego boost, but it's seriously bad for goodwill. It's a sure fire way to drive a wedge (or maybe a stake) in the client relationship
  14. 1099 / W-2 program

    For W-2 forms, I use Tax-Print. It's a little quirky, but it does the job. For 1099 Forms, I think 1099Express is outstanding. Have been using it for some time now. It supports seamless uploading from Excel, cost is reasonable, and support is great. YOU can pick and choose which elements of their program you want to use. Last year, they automatically filed extension requests for everyone already in their data base. I thought that was a nice touch the first year of the Jan 31 deadlines.
  15. My approach is similar to Sara & Catherine's. I run an estimate, then add a little to it. I tell the client to expect a follow-up bill from IRS for about that amount, and to send me an email or text with the final figures. My answer is almost always "That looks right. It's a little bit less than we originally estimated, so just send in a check for $ XXX.XX and you're done."