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  1. Drake software is located in Franklin, NC, which is directly in the path of totality for the upcoming solar eclipse. Today they sent out a memo to all users that their customer support will be closed Aug 21 between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm so their employees can enjoy the eclipse. They also sent a link inviting others who can't get to the path of totality to join their live stream. How cool is that? I'm betting it will be a top-quality feed, because Drake has been instrumental in getting high-powered internet service in what's otherwise a sleepy little mountain community.
  2. Three friends on a fishing trip check into a cheap hotel. The room costs $30, so each pays $10. Later the desk clerk realizes he should only have charged $25 for the room, so he takes $5 back to the room. They can't figure out how to split the $5, so they decide to tip the clerk $2, and each of them keeps $1, meaning they each paid $9 each for the room. So since $9 x 3 = $27 and then you add $2 for the tip, you now have $29. They originally paid $10 x 3 = $30. What happened to the other $1?
  3. OK. That settles it. This thread has set a new record for diversions. It has now chased more rabbits than my dad's old redbone hound dog did in his entire life.
  4. While we're on the subject of unwanted paper, if any clients leave paper in your office that you don't want lying around, I'll volunteer to dispose of it. Especially if it's green in color and has pictures of presidents on it.
  5. ---> And, as a deputy sheriff client once told me, "They steal because they're too lazy to work." <---- Reminds me of an incident a few years ago when someone stole my Ford Crown Vic from a parking lot where I had left it while driving a rental car on a trip. The Crown Vic had about 200K miles on it and the front & rear seats didn't even match. The ignition switch was so worn that you didn't even need the key inserted to start it. They drove it about 8 miles, then abandoned it in an industrial park after kicking in the windshield. I was more amused than upset about it, and I asked the police officer why he thought someone would steal that car when there were so many nice ones sitting around it. He replied "Hey, I never said they were smart."
  6. Forms-based data entry is much less useful than is commonly exposed. It frequently jumps to a supporting schedule anyhow. So Drake simply has you begin the data entry process where forms-based software ends up. I had very little trouble abandoning forms-based entry when I switched from ATX to Drake 5 years ago. Maybe that's because I had used Microvision before ATX, but in any event it wasn't a difficult transition. Once the user reaches a small degree of software transparency, it becomes very clear that forms based entry is seriously overrated. And the speed & efficiency gains are phenomenal. But that only becomes apparent after the user has invested sufficient time and energy in making the transition.
  7. I'm just doing my part in the interest of security & efficiency.
  8. I'm going to start doing all my paper returns in cursive. They don't teach cursive in school any more, and hardly anybody uses it, so most thieves wouldn't be able to understand the info well enough to steal any identity information anyhow. Now that's REAL security.
  9. Besides, a small scratch won't render a paper copy useless.
  10. Getting a little testy here, aren't we? Cut that out!
  11. Yes, as soon as everyone dons their jersey and starts rooting for their political team, things go downhill really fast. May as well save that stuff for forums dedicated to it.
  12. Haven't experienced that, but I doubt IRS would follow up in this situation.
  13. I'd like to restart this discussion. My computer hiccupped last week after a windows upgrade, and I had to restart it in some sort of recovery mode 2 or 3 times before it got its mind right. (Really didn't know what I was doing, but I kept making choices until I got the system up & running and checked all backups). Now I hold my breath when I start it up each day, so I'm thinking about a new system. Any recent suggestions on where to buy as well as what to buy?
  14. This time travel discussion reminds me of a story by Lewis Grizzard (southern humorist for any of y'all who didn't know him). Atlanta Georgia is on Eastern Standard Time, while Birmingham Alabama is on Central Standard Time. It takes less than an hour to fly between the two cities. A local in Atlanta went to the airport to inquire about traveling to Birmingham on his first ever airplane flight. The ticket agent said he would depart Atlanta at 11:02 am and arrive in Birmingham at 10:54 am. As the customer stood there contemplating what he had just heard, the agent asked "Do you want to buy a ticket?" The customer replied "Nope, don't think I do. But where does it leave from? I'd sure like to see that sucker take off!"
  15. OK. Here it is...