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  1. Anyone else having problems with this? I had a Hennepin County homeowner get rejected today also, with an error message that confuses two different lines and is wrong anyway: "On form M1PR, Line 22 [M1PR.0820] must equal the sum of Line 2 [PROPST.0190] on form PROPST. If there is no Line 2, use Line 6 [PROPST.0200] on form PROPST." First, that would be Line 5, not Line 6. Second, that's only true if the home is purely residential. If there's a HO, there's another Schedule that has to feed into Line 22. This is the only problem I've had so far this year, so I should feel lucky I suppose. But I hate having to leave a bunch of files open for this piddly little return!
  2. My niece came over yesterday to have me do her taxes and teach her how to do a 1040. I was having the worst day, but she cheered me up just being her normal sweet and funny self! And I too love keeping pics of my clients' kids, and seeing how they've grown over the years. This year, for the first time, I had two of them coming in on their own. So yeah, it's these little things that remind me why I love this business!
  3. Can we not e-file any of these until after the 15th, even if it's for a renter? I had one get rejected, but with no rejection error. This is ringing a bell, I'm sure it happened last year too, but I don't recall the anwer. The form is the latest update. Anyone else running into this?
  4. Thanks folks!! Woke up to a very Spring-like day here, so with the windows open and the sun shiny, it certainly feels like a special day!
  5. I had a client get a phone call several weeks ago about her qualifying for a $5000 small business "grant." And why did she qualify for this largesse by the federal gov't - because she paid her bills on time. She doesn't even have a business!! Oh, but she pays her bills at home, right, so she still qualifies. Same thing as you're talking about, needed her bank info. Sheesh. Luckily, she was smart enough to know right off it was a scam - kept the guy on the phone for half an hour though, just to jerk him around. But I hate hearing these stories, wondering how many people get scammed with this crap.
  6. I usually charge $50 per extra state, to cover extra time and the PPR fees. But I'm in an urban area, so maybe you'd want to go less. I wouldn't tag on too much more for the extra W2s, going by your scale maybe another $10. But the 2106, if he won't organize it himself, I'd go hourly - and my tax season hourly rate is close to double what I charge my accounting clients. I use this method for folks that have tons of stock trades too. Once you decide, don't let talk you down! I've made that mistake a couple times, and I think they value us less afterwards.
  7. Agreed, though I'd probably push her a little to amend. As for mileage, I'll frequently put it under Other Expenses if it's only going to amount to a couple hundred dollars. It's just laziness, a level under which I don't feel like doing the extra work, and it's low enough that I don't think the IRS will care. Of course, it depends somewhat on the business - if it's one with very few expenses at all, I'm more inclined to do it right so it doesn't stick out.
  8. I'm not finalizing MN returns yet if the client can wait. The legislature hasn't voted yet on accepting the Fed changes, so this provision and others will likely be changing soon. Easier to wait than to ammend!
  9. Have they changed the pricing structure of PPR this year? Last year I started with 10 PPRs for $170, and added blocks of 5 if I need more later. But looking at the website, it looks like the initial price is now $300?? Tell me it ain't so!
  10. Hi Brian! Nice to have you back.
  11. So now they're saying it's not the IRS at all, it's the TPs fault - "He said the problem on the child payments was traced to taxpayers' failing to check a box on their paper tax returns and to two commercial tax preparation software programs, less than 1 percent of those in use, that were not capturing the information needed to trigger the payment." Of course, given all the problems we've had, my first thought is WHICH commercial programs?? Not ATX, thank god, but one of them is a CCH company: "The majority of the tax software issues involve commercial versions used by tax professionals and tax preparers. Included are Petz Enterprises’ professional and on-line software as well as ProSystems fx Tax software and on-line CompleteTax software from CCH."
  12. If they want people to renew early, they ought to offer a discount that does more than just cover the obscenely high "shipping" charge!
  13. Is the employee being taxed in a different state? If you have reciprocity with neighboring states, you have to be careful that the employee is still set up for SUTA in the owrk state. The payroll returns in PT are far from perfect, even the 941 frequently pulls wrong figures. Thankfully, they are pretty easy to fix.
  14. Figures! I don't know JB, I always took that picture for closer to 3 and male... Actaully, the first sevral times I saw it, it looked like the baby had a chef's hat on!!! ROFL, that's my old restaurant background showing through I guess. :wacko:
  15. Just got the email from CCH about the Customer Survey. Thought maybe there'd be a place to complain about how CCH, so I jumped right on it. Quit midway through, becasue I found the questions really intrusive - number of clients not only on the tax side but the accounting side also, annual income from services, etc. Most surveys would have those - at least the income - as optional, but they require it. None of their frikkin business! Has anyone else filled this out? Is there a place for comments at the end? If so, I might fill it out with zeros, just to get to the comments. Since they don't monitor their own forum (or at least, they don't reply there, as William always used to), and don't answer emails, it would be nice to have a place to address our concerns that they'd actaully read.
  16. I could add as many of those as I wanted, in fact, maybe I'll add one for 500+ called ATXaholics Anonymous
  17. Yes, that's how it's usually done - COGS would be the food, maybe some supplies. The rest is operating. And cash method should eb used for the return, but not for the books. If he's keeping his books on teh cash method, he's missing a clear picture of how he's doing. Jeanne (a 20 year vetran of the restuarant biz)
  18. I have no idea who Tom is or what the fight is, but would like to remind folks that "nazi" is not a word to be used lightly. That word holds a world of pain for millions of people. What ever anyone on this forum does, it can't be compared.
  19. Just pulled this off the other forum: 04/15/2008 updated 4-15-08 at 5pm--Our developers have been trying a few tasks here that can possibly speed up the processors so that we can alleviate some of the server errors which are due to high volume. They believe they have implemented some very small, safe changes that will help, so you should start getting into the EFC more easily in the coming hours. We are experiencing very high efile volume April 14-15. We are seeing more "server errors" today than usual, and there is no action needed. Simply keep trying to send your efiles. This high efile volume translates into higher call volume to the CS Dept and our wait times are much longer than usual. We have added staff, increased hours, shortened lunches, and extended our closing time to 11pm tonight. This is from the website - the lady from support that I spoke to said that there will be no ACKS sent out today..they are using the computers to receive the high volume of returns.The botton line was Keep Trying to send the returns! They are hoping that after the 6:00 pm drain things will slow down So much for planning to take time off after tonight...
  20. I just checked mine, and it does show as charging a dollar for every extension, even though the e-filed returns before and after show $0.00. Although I haven't had any charges hit my bank yet....
  21. If it's a single-member LLC, he should be using C
  22. Nope, not since yesterday morning. Nor or they showing up as accepted on the website. I'm in a stand alone state, don't normally submit the state returns until getting the fed accepted, but I'm giving it another couple hours, then submitting everything.
  23. LOL! I've learned over the years to always plan on the 16th and 17th being sick days. Just our bodies' way of saying "enough already, now it's MY turn!!" Looking forward to a couple days in bed...
  24. Ain't that the truth! How many times have you heard TPs proudly say, "Oh no, I didn't have to pay any points for this," only to find it on their HUD statement?!
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