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Since I'm on such a good grumbling roll lately


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Let me grumble some more -

When will they take away the university's roll in determining net amounts billed and paid for college?!?!?!?!?

What a disaster - year after year.

And since the billing account is under the child's name - god forbid the parent have access to it - it is a tail-chasing run-around to get the info from the student.  

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Universities... I literally just got off the phone with one of our kids, as he just received news he was accepted into his undergrad school's medical school!  There is hope - since this proves a "normal" person can, through hard work, do something which exceeds GPA competition or legacy $.

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Congrats to your son as well. I give my clients a check list of items to track each year for their child's education. Just had one yesterday and he was a bit overwhelmed with what all I need him to keep track of. But, got to do it if you want the credit.

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