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ChatGPT Fails CPA Exam

Lee B

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"ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that's taken the world by storm, has already conquered numerous tests–the Wharton MBA exam, the Bar exam, and several AP exams among others. But the talking bot met its match when Accounting Today ran it through the CPA exam as an experiment:

ChatGPT failed utterly in all four sections. 

The experiment took place at the Arizent office in New York City's financial district on April 13 in collaboration with Surgent CPA Review. We used two laptops, each running a separate ChatGPT 3.5  Pro account (metering on free accounts, or on GPT 4, would have made the experiment impractical). One laptop ran the BEC and FAR section. The other ran the REG and AUD section.

When all test sections were completed, its scores were:

REG: 39%;

AUD: 46%; 

FAR: 35%

BEC: 48%

The results indicate ChatGPT did not pass any part of the CPA exam."

I wonder how ChatGPT would do on the EA Exam?

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4 hours ago, kathyc2 said:

From an article:  "Researchers say the artificial intelligence chatbot has trouble understanding math and makes up facts to cover up its mistakes."


It would make a good politician.

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1 hour ago, ILLMAS said:

I could imagine people rejecting this technology just like people who do not find value in using social media.

I don't use social media because of their excessive data mining which is used by hackers and other purveyors of malware.

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