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  1. I took this to mean the client's 2016 income tax return was e-filed in October, and now the client needs to issue 2016 1099-Misc forms. I think the question is can 2016 Forms 1099-Misc be e-filed right now, even though IRS is not taking individual tax returns electronically from Nov 18 - late Jan? I honestly don't know if they can or not, so I don't know why I am contributing here, except I have a weird need to know if the question was understood and answered.
  2. Coming tax changes

    Apparently he didn't want to either! LOL. I really have no idea what he was thinking posting that. He's not a rookie, actually a CPA in business longer than me, a dinosaur. I could see posting it on a tax forum, but your personal FB page? I was sitting there thinking, "Your post is blowing up in 3, 2, 1..."
  3. Coming tax changes

    If a client called me today about whether or not to pay property tax in 2017, and it was one of my clients that can actually itemize, I'd tell them I'd probably pay it now if there is uncertainty about the benefit in deducting it next year. And there are always uncertainties about next year. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Plus I have been around long enough to know that they are calling me because they want me to tell them to pay it now. I realize I'm lucky as our property taxes are low, and I only deal with AMT once in a blue moon. As far as taking it upon myself to call THEM and give advice? No. Not even if the law is changed tomorrow. I can't think about everything for 350 families. It is what it is. I got amused yesterday at a local pro who posted on FaceBook that it looked like he and his wife would get a tax cut, but some people with kids would not. He does a lot of unnecessary talking. I don't know what he hoped to accomplish there, but nobody congratulated him, and immediately people started asking, "What about me?" After two or three replies of, "It's too early to say for sure," he removed the post. Um...
  4. 1099 / W-2 program

    Most of my clients can't even handle a spreadsheet. Got one tax client who enters everything on a word processor, columns as crooked as a dog's hind legs, no totals. I'm jealous of you people who only have to catch em calling assets liabilities and such. My one techy guy just has to figure out if sales tax is included in his sales figure. /s
  5. 1099 / W-2 program

    You complete me.
  6. 1099 / W-2 program

    I use Sage Accounting. I held off on saying that because I think it makes me a dinosaur. Also print W-2/W-3, 1099/1096 forms and mail. I prepare about 150 W-2s and 50 1099s. It's not a chore to me. And I want to thank my esteemed colleagues for giving me the courage to be transparent, and yes, I still have an iphone 5s.
  7. The Hall Income Tax is a tax on dividends and interest, as well as capital gains distributions. We don't tax earnings from work, per se. It was 6% forever, then 5% for 2016, and is 4% for 2017. It's being phased out. Hope something twice as bad doesn't take its place. Our sales tax in my town is 9.75%.
  8. Surprise, the TN income tax rate is wrong, wrong, wrong in this book. For any year. It has never been 6.5%. Bonfire pile, look out.

    Thank you. I could not figure out why tweek is always underlined when I type it. Now I know. Agree with your comment too, btw.
  10. no K-1 but wants to file??

    It's a slow day, so I'll ask: Am I the only one who would rather do a tax return than call IRS? Call anybody, actually. I'd rather compose a letter to IRS than call them, too. (This comment is not meant to disparage the advice to call PPS. It sounds like a good idea.) In the interest of full disclosure, I would also rather risk cutting off all circulation in my arms by carrying in all the groceries at once rather than making another trip to the car.
  11. Stop it! Y'all are killing me. Killing. Me.
  12. Tom had me rolling in the floor not gonna lie.
  13. I was told you get the real books later. Well, TheTaxBook, anyway. I don't care about the other one. Yes, I admit it. The arithmetic was totally incorrect on my invoice. Representative overrode numbers to make the bottom line jive. That did not impress me. I hope overrode is a word, but we're all friends here so you know... ILLMAS, I laughed out loud at your comment.
  14. Rental Property Land Value

    It's always about a tractor for me. How is we've been friends all this time (4 Ever), and you don't know this? Max said it's best to use the property tax assessments to get the proper ratio. Your mileage may vary with your assessor and Medlin's.