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  1. Personal question, kind of

    I also work year round and agree that helps with the let down phase. But I experience it some, too. I have a pile of things to do yet, and I admit I have very little motivation. I think Gail phrased it very appropriately: we're in a pressure cooker during tax season. I know many of you are better business people than me, and for the most part I'm ok with that. I have a very comfortable life. I work six days a week for ten weeks, but I don't kill myself during tax season. I come out of it looking like death on a cracker anyway, I think mostly because I spend a lot of time chatting with clients, and I'm an introvert. I mean, come on, people are idiots, why am I chatting with them?? I wonder how these preparers do 1,400 returns, half of which are entities, single-handedly, twenty minute appointments, study for EA exam at the red light on the way to the testing center. Oh, and this is their side gig. I get a little jealous. Then I remember they are full of sh*t and lying thru their teeth, and I feel better.
  2. IRS Audit Letter

    If you have identified the one student for which they claimed the AOC five times, and you want to amend 2016, I think I'd just focus on the one student, and not send anything regarding the other two.
  3. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    Well, I can now... Hahahaha, thanks, Judy.
  4. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    It would on actual expenses.
  5. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    That may be for the "Prospective Look at 18" thread. And I hope it happens closer to 2018 than 2118. And call me pessimistic, but I'm not sure our institutions of higher learning will get that right either. Do you guys not entering total miles never have an occasion to use actual vehicle expenses? Or Like-Kind Exchanges on vehicles?
  6. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    Yeah, I couldn't really think of much you or Rich hadn't covered. In general, education credit problems and ACA problems are the most frustrating to me. I suspect many, many returns are sliding thru with incorrect credits, exemptions from SRP, etc. You just do the best you can to prepare correct returns and watch business go down the street to preparers who don't know or don't care. And let's be honest here, most people don't want their returns prepared correctly. They want their taxes won. And until it is a problem to submit a crappy return, we are walking into the wind. Oh, well. Walk on.
  7. Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    My biggest complaint with ATX was that I couldn't enter a zero on Form 8606 Line 19 for a client with a ROTH distribution Code J. He had a qualified distribution that included earnings. Code Q would have been appropriate, but since it wasn't Code Q, blah, blah, blah. You can print any positive or negative integer in that blue box but not a zero. Sometimes you want to see a zero in a box. My client did. So I wound up cutting a "zero" out with scissors and gluing it in the box. Ran a copy for the client. Sure did. ATX said IRS would understand that a blank box meant zero. They have more confidence in the mind reading ability of IRS than I do. We'll see. Similar problem with Form 8962, column f. I could not create the e-file allocating 0% of APTC on a return. I had to use 1%. I guess you could say I had zero problems. Arr. Arr.
  8. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    So yesterday afternoon I called @Possi to see if they survived, and they were DRINKING AND HAVING MASSAGES. Wait, what? I thought I was your best friend, not Cynthia. I see how it is. Then I went home, had five little candy bars, and whoever named them "Fun Size" clearly did not understand fun. Then I hiked around the farm smiling and enjoying the sun, thankful for a good season. Discovered a new baby calf, which is always like Christmas morning to me. Thanks to all of y'all for everything you do for me. And everybody please stick around because I need you all year.

  10. Yes, I add the TN FAE to the personal return.
  11. I have a lot of trouble with ATX getting the right info to the TN FAE 170 from the federal on my SMLLCs. Even if the box is checked at top of schedule, "Hey, look at me, I'm an LLC," if there is another non-LLC Sch C or Sch E in the return, ATX wants to send everything on them to the TN return, too. Also, I have to do a lot of finagling getting the business name and EIN to the TN return. Program enters couple's names and a SSN on the TN return. It takes longer than it should. Don't know if I am not holding my teeth right or what, but I'm blaming ATX.
  12. Why Did I Return This Call? I Ask You...

    "This is the worst" with a smile on our faces. Yes. Hahahaha, oh my, that's me. And what is it with people doing tax planning for 2018 this week?? It happens every year. Every. Single. Year. And by May 1, I memorialize everything: Do a fake "planning return," send a copy of it with Forms 1040-ES, and this time next year, they will still be completely shocked that they owe.
  13. "If I sell my rental, what is that going to do to me next year?"
  14. Oh, goody. Corrected 1099s from Morgan Stanley

    Aaaaannnnnd, that's why you were awarded the first-ever Tax Stud Star! And, yes, when they love us it goes a long way.
  15. Oh, goody. Corrected 1099s from Morgan Stanley

    Hey, more tax return to do! Ok by me. No free lunches either.