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IRS website to check stimulus amounts sent


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11 minutes ago, Pacun said:

I heard that the IRS was going to have a site where people would check how much they got on stimulus advanced refunds.

Is that site real or "not such an animal"?

There is a page where it's possible to see whether funds were paid to the taxpayer. It gives the date and type of payment - DD, check mailed, and I'm guessing debit card issued, although I haven't see that one yet.  It does NOT give the amount.  It requires logging in with SSN, DOB, street address, and zip code.  It is by the individual TP, so a spouse would have a separate record.  That page is accessed here by clicking on the blue button labeled "Get My Payment"


There is another page to see the amounts, but that requires the individual actually set up an IRS account with the full i.d. verification, so we preparers would not have access to that. 

Pretty much a waste of time unless you want to tell clients the approximate date to look for the amounts in their banking records.

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40 minutes ago, Abby Normal said:

Go to your online banking site and search from April 2020 to January 2021 for IRS or Treas. I found both of mine in seconds, but I did have direct deposit.

Haha, if only....  This is going to be a PITA.  😡 No one kept the letters, and I have some in the phase-out range.  One older client swore over and over to me that he knows the first EIP was only supposed to be $600 and he has never been comfortable giving anyone, including me, and direct deposit info.  Then he remembered getting a check but said any time he gets checks, he always makes a rounded-off partial deposit and takes some cash back as mad money.  He refuses to use the internet!  I looked up the date for him on the IRS site.  Said he found a deposit for an even $2,000 on 4/29/20, so he says he either added some to the $1,200 from another account...or he got $2,400 (wife died April 2019, 2019 return filed on 2/11/20) and deposited only $2,000.   On top of that, he definitely didn't get the $600 in Jan 2021, I'm filing his single return now with $1,200 and $-0-, and claiming the RRC for the $600.  

He's so stubborn about not using internet, he's one that walked into Walgreens and tried to get the vaccine without any application, then had to have a friend do it for him.  Of course, loudly complaining about all that work just to find out there are no appointments anywhere near us at the moment.  I wonder if friend is frequently checking back for him and monitoring emails.     🙄

Just shoot me now because I already hate this tax season.   I only have about a dozen in so far, and only three have complete data.  💩😡

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The Get my payment link would be more helpful if it gave the amount, but I don't think it's a waste.  I too had a client whose spouse died.  He got the first payment and not the second.  The site showed that the second has not been issued, so at least we know to claim the recovery rebate.  Another client lives overseas and only got the first.  The site showed the second was mailed, so he'll just have to wait for it.  At least the information provided was helpful in both cases.

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21 minutes ago, Bart said:

Set up a user name an password.  Answer a few stupid questions and it will tell you how much they got and when.

irs.gov has a link to it also i think.


Um, no, please don't do that.



Do not create or access an account in this system for anyone other than yourself. You may not use another person's information to create or access an account on behalf of and in the name of that person, even if that person provided their information to you to create or access an account for them or even if that person consented to your use of their information to create or access the account.


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I was able to log on. The first think I saw was amount owed a couple of clicks away and I got the amount of income used for the stimulus and half was on my account. The other half will be on my wife's account.  If we decide to file separate, each use the amount reported. 

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3 hours ago, Bart said:

I meant to have the client log on to set up their account to find out how much stimulus they got not for us to do it for them.

Thank you, Bart, and I did know what you meant also.  My quote and post was meant as a warning to any other readers that would consider doing something like that, including the many visitors here that may or may not be tax professionals.

I never thought you would do that and I'm sorry if my quoting your post suggested differently.



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