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  1. Lynn from Louisiana - Education Credits (??)

    Cathy, I guess I'm not understanding your dilemma. Act 375 d/c'd the $18 credit for 2017, stated that for 2016 it was either the $18 credit OR the tuition deduction. Repeat of 47:297(D)(2) does away with the $18 credit altogether. What am I missing in your quandary?
  2. form 8863

    The excess scholarship is shown as income on the child's tax return.
  3. Lynn from Louisiana - Education Credits (??)

    Cathy, remember in prior years LDR (on behalf of the state legislature) offered both an education CREDIT and a school/tuition DEDUCTION. Up until (I think) the 2016 tax year taxpayers could take BOTH, if they had qualifying children and expenses. For 2016 the legislature changed the rules so that taxpayers could take the measly $18 (reduced from the prior $25) credit OR the (up to) $5,000 school/tuition deduction. New for 2017 the legislature has removed the measly $18 credit and left taxpayers only the option of the (up to) $5,000 school/tuition deduction. Does this help? Lynn
  4. Lynn from Louisiana - Education Credits (??)

    Cathy, I will re-read this in the next few days. I will also send an inquiry to Barbara reeves, LDR Tax Practitioner Liaison, to see if she has any other comments on this issue,. Remember for 2016 those with children had a choice, either the $25 (then $18) credit, OR the school tuition deduction. So the legislature appears to have left in place the tuition deduction and removed the minuscule credit. I went to the LDR Practitioner meeting in BR Alastair November -'I will also check those materials for comments on this.
  5. Conservation easement charitable deduction?

    Start your research with Pension Protection Act of 2006 and IRS Notice 2007-50. There are volumes of Tax Court cases regarding conservation easement contributions which ultimately, per the Tax Court rulings, failed. Lots of rules to be followed to be successful.
  6. Extenders update

    I have one client with PMI noted on their 1098 from Wells Fargo. While most years she calls every day about the status of her return. This year I have to give her credit for being patient as we await the software updates.
  7. IRA distribution tuition exception

    Isn't this done via form 5329?
  8. Is ATX saying anything about when extender changes will be ready?

    IRS projected date is 2/22
  9. Concealed Social Security Numbers

    The only place I know of is the organizer. I have never looked for it on the tax return.
  10. Double amend

    Today. From a FB group: Per NATP and filing of amended versus superseded returns to reflect the extenders: NATP attended today’s NPL Practitioner Meeting with the IRS — it was noted that if a taxpayer has already filed and they are affected by an extender provision, they should file a 1040X even if it’s before the filing deadline. A second original return could be flagged as a fraudulent return — do not file a superseded return. NATP recommends that the taxpayer not file the 1040X until they receive their refund or their tax payment has been cleared as to not have anything get crossed in the mail.
  11. new laws - what are you doing?

    So far only one client is impacted by the extra, $2400 MIP, so that return is on hold until .....
  12. have a 2016 990EZ that hasn't gone thru

    Did you go onto the ATX Support Page, click on efile status link and then when the file came up click on 'rehang' ??
  13. Anyone put the new Tax Planner through its paces yet?

    I tried that, Abby Normal, and don't get in. And I'm logged in - I think it's broken and they are not about to spend resources to fix it.
  14. ATX Software Support Group on Facebook

    And yesterday Abby Normal you told me I'd probably been banned for writing derogatory comments !!!! I thought the official board was nonfunctioning (since I could not access it) and this post proves it !!!
  15. Anyone put the new Tax Planner through its paces yet?

    I haven't been able to get into the 'official atx forum' for several months. When I click on it I get kicked to some other screen.