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  1. Drake has a pay per return option. Not sure if ATX does.
  2. Billy has a stomachache
  3. Jack, in my experience, W2G's are reported to the IRS as income, provide the payors FEIN , and are included on the IRS wage and income transcript.
  4. The IRS Wage and Income Transcript includes the payor's FEIN
  5. I am here. Trying to tie up loose ends before my two week vacation which starts Saturday
  6. The client will have to call the IRS Entity Unit to inquire as to the status of his old FEIN.
  7. File a POA and download an account transcript if it were me I would also download the wage and income transcript .
  8. IRS has a centralized lien unit, Their phone number and address are on page 2 . hope this helps, lynn
  9. I follow pretty much the same system as Possi on raising prices. Several years ago one lady left over a $5 increase - oh well. But each year I increase my fees by roughly 5%, except for the simplest of returns or those who I feel have already maxed out their fee based on the return.
  10. Is she paying into the Romanian equivalent of social security? If so she could request a certificate of such coverage and be exempted from having to pay US Social Security.
  11. NCPE Corporation partnership seminar in the fall is an update, not the basics. You must have the basics down before taking their update seminar. . yes, they are in .zachary La, not far from Baton .rouge since 1987.
  12. Check out NATP; I think they have webinars on those topics
  13. I don't really know Abby Normal. I just quoted a notification from ATX. I never used a strictly 1040 package since my practice services individuals and entities, and also payroll, so I needed the full blown MAX package.
  14. The package being discontinued is the 1040 Total Office, not Total Tax Office.
  15. I have had clients receive similar notices when the income from the 1099 was reported but not in the spot on the tax return the IRS expected it to be. Get a wage and income transcript to see if the income is reported in a box other than Box 7.