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  1. 2018 PTIN

    My understanding is that it is a 'rolling' renewal.
  2. ATX Update Released Today

    I downloaded an update a week or more ago which included the organizer. As I've been completing my extended returns I've also printed the organizers, though it might be a mistake to hand them to the client this early. Last year I didn't get the organizers out to clients until late January - in retrospect that was too late. Too early - too late - something in between.
  3. Extraordinary Savings......

    CATHERINE, so funny! You are right, no Great Danes here. I have 2 Boykin spaniels (the state dog of SC) and a Sussex spaniel
  4. Extraordinary Savings......

    I have dogs that love paper, especially toilet paper, and will unroll it in a NY minute. At my house the toilet paper is on the counter next to the sink, within easy reach of the humans, and away from the dogs.
  5. 1120s sale

    Filling out form 8594 will guide you to where each asset sold will be reported on the corporation's tax return
  6. Equifax Hack

    Well that just stinks. I'm not shooting the messenger, just aggravated at the aggravation.
  7. Equifax Hack

    Roberts, how did you do the freeze on your accounts? I tried to do that and it would not process without a credit card #.
  8. Deferred Sales Trust ?

    I did a google search and lots of links came up. I did not read Any of them in detail but the property is sold to a trust which in turns issues the seller an installment sale contract. IMO seller beware.
  9. Form 6198 At Risk Limitation

    Basically the $ was loaned from father-in-law to H & W. W puts the $ into her business. W is expected to repay the loan. IMO (totally unresearched) W is at risk for the loan and thus at risk for form 6198 purposes.
  10. Which address to use?

    Make sure the box in the 2848 is checked to instruct the IRS to send copies of notices to the POA. ATX defaults to an unchecked box. I have made a 2848 template with that box checked so I do not overlook it.
  11. Do you accept credit card payments?

    It is automatically there on my square account.
  12. Which address to use?

    Margaret, yes 2014 and 2015 may still be efiled via ATX. Lynn
  13. Do you accept credit card payments?

    Tom, I log into my Square account via my desktop. Granted you have to recreate the invoice in Square and have to know the recipient's email address, but as far as I am concerned it is easier for me to do it this way for my remote clients. I find it is easy to do and does not take very long.
  14. Certified Acceptance Agent?

    I was a CAA and garnered zero business. No one wanted to pay a fee for that. The IRS rvoked my CAA status since I had not prepared,or submitted any forms in 5 years.
  15. Do you accept credit card payments?

    I use square . When a remote client wants to pay via credit card I have square send an invoice directly to the client. I think the fee for that is the same as a swiped charge.