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  1. MAX vs. ATX-Tax Prep Partner 1040 Lite

    I found the answer - it is a form of research, for 1040 forms only, included in the Max package. There was a similar thread on this very question (I think) in 2014, started by Naveen Mohan.
  2. MAX vs. ATX-Tax Prep Partner 1040 Lite

    Who can provide the comparison between ATX MAX and ATX Tax Prep Partner 1040 Lite. I had never heard of the second, but it shows up in my download with reg. codes. I don't want to download it until I know what it is and how it compares to Max. Thanks, Lynn
  3. EFTPS® Batch Provider Software?

    I do the EFTPS for only a handful of clients, including my own. IMO it does not take that much time to log into each individual EFTPS account.
  4. Rental Property Land Value

    Boats have hour meters. The client should have kept a usage log, with details of the paid trips versus nonpaid personal trips, including hours for each
  5. Failure to file and pay penalty notice_IRS

    There's a special page you have to click on and tell ATX to calculate the interest and penalty. You have to enter the date the return is being filed and the date the tax will be paid.
  6. EA renewal - anyone else?

    SaraEA the Tax Pro link on the so-called 'new and improved IRS website is supposed to be upper right.
  7. EA renewal - anyone else?

    Bulldog Tom, SSN ending in 7, 8 or 9 renew now through 1/31/18.
  8. EA renewal - anyone else?

    I did receive that email Catherine, clicked on the link (it took me to where it was supposed to), I completed the 8554, paid my $30 and my EA enrollment is now current. Now to await my new card; I did not receive a card after the last renewal cycle and I have been an EA since 1989
  9. Partners' equipment contributions

    Why were they not transferred in at net book value?
  10. Trac Lease

    too True, Abby Normal. What was I thinking ?????
  11. Trac Lease

    I had to look this up, David as I had never heard of a TRAC lease. Generally, it is more commonly used with over-the-road trucks which may be able to fully deduct the cost of the trac lease. It would not be useful for an SUV since it retains the characteristics of a true lease with the pre-determined end-of-lease purchase price and the end-of-lease option to either purchase, walk away, or continue to lease. Like you, IMO the deduction of the S corp is limited to the business use % less the lease inclusion cost.
  12. Finally got around to writing a script to enter my password in ATX

    Tom, my solution to the change-the-password-every-90-days requirement is to use the same string of letters and numbers, and just change the terminal special character. It works
  13. Rate Increase

    I generally have a 5% increase each year
  14. 2018 PTIN

    My understanding is that it is a 'rolling' renewal.
  15. ATX Update Released Today

    I downloaded an update a week or more ago which included the organizer. As I've been completing my extended returns I've also printed the organizers, though it might be a mistake to hand them to the client this early. Last year I didn't get the organizers out to clients until late January - in retrospect that was too late. Too early - too late - something in between.