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  1. should be payroll but got a 1099

    Nice to try and help ---- what about protecting yourself too? Cir 230 and various tax (IRS, state) and labor (state and federal departments) clearly define what is a 1099 and what might not be. Therefore, if you "violate" what you have knowledge of - you might be in violation of cir 230 and other violations that pertain to YOU - not just your client. Then, YOU are at risk. Trying to help is nice, as long as it is lawful and in this circumstance; since you have knowledge of something being wrong ---- do you want to risk you, your family, and business? Will your client pay the expenses for you? Maybe, including your livelihood if it goes that far. We all make mistakes and I - for one, almost always have it bite-me /// I do not need to do something -- ON PURPOSE -- that can bite-me. better to do what is correct now, than later. Just my two cents worth --- there are good folks here that do not need to add aggravation by TRYING to help others in circumstances as this. rant over
  2. Tax Extenders

    Even with the bill passed, we have to wait for the IRS AND also for the software people to submit new forms (corrected to add extenders) to the IRS and then have them approved too. Probably NOT a QUICK turn-around.
  3. ATX client letters

    AND --- make sure (or disable) Rita does NOT have a big or walk in freezer (or a lot of extra tarps). Maybe check neighbors too, as they might "hold" things for her.
  4. Where does the Fax # come from on Cover Sheet

    From Abby's comment, maybe the field is drawn and placed in that viarable from the ATX page where your information is shown. Worth looking at, maybe that is where the incorrect fax number is listed.
  5. ATX client letters

    If you do this // any change you could do a webinar for those who might not be able to make the trip? Maybe even something as simple as a Skype or ooVoo during the LIVE presentation. /s Abby could maybe start a side business (or pro bono) as I am sure he wants/needs more to utilize his free time.
  6. Where does the Fax # come from on Cover Sheet

    Don't know if this will help, but under the tools tab (not preferences or preparer/ero tab) there is a place for company manager. That is the only other place I can find an entry for a fax number placement. Maybe there? Hope this helps, please say ya or nay so we know.
  7. domestic help(nanny)

    Try it again, just checked and no login for the home page answers section, only if you have an account and want to use them (even then, no charge according to webinar, unless you use actual service). Information is there for the looking.
  8. domestic help(nanny)

    Good reference for "Nanny" or other home employee's is http://www.myhomepay.com/ . Especially under the answer section.

    From a local new article: Despite the shutdown of the federal government, the tax return you're owed for 2017 won't be affected as long as the shutdown doesn't last too long. Internal Revenue Service released a contingency plan that explains how the agency will handle the filing season, which is supposed to begin on Monday, Jan. 29. CNN Money reports the IRS is keeping 35,076 employees on the job, and that as part of the contingency plan, processing electronic returns, testing upcoming filing year programs, and computer operations to prevent the loss of data are IRS functions that will continue despite the shutdown. Some functions the IRS will not perform include audits, return examinations, non-automated collections, and issuing refunds. "Unless the shutdown drags on for weeks, the refund you're owed for 2017 likely won't be affected," CNN reports. "Why? The IRS already announced it wouldn't start accepting 2017 tax returns until January 29." The Department of the Treasury and IRS can reassess how many people they need on the job, and what functions need to be performed, according to the report.

    Interesting that the 886 form (886-H-HOH) and instructions at the link is ONLY available in Spanish. It is also the ONLY one to come up at IRS.gov when you do a "due diligence" search for HOH.

    Side question --- Will spouse qualify as one of the // can't deduct as dependent?? where we will get a $500 credit since usually spouses are over 17? Wondering. My main worry on the new brackets and standard deductions are not as much for family's but for those usually older folks who lose their partner -- goes from 24K standard down to 12K so depending on dollars remaining, could be a BIG hit for tax (of course less costly to keep living for one -- but not always that much less at times. Devil in details and all will be specific to the client. Welcome to 2018 ////// as stated by Judy on our Facebook site ------ 365 opportunities to use (for good or bad - you decide).
  12. Win10 Browser

    Go to settings , then apps, then default apps and choose web browser and choose your browser. On the task line right click what is there and remove the unwanted browser. From the windows logo (bottom left (used to be the "start" button) click the logo and in the list find your browser and then drag the tile to your tile menu and put it whee you want. Remember the browser you want may be listed different from what you call it (ie: IE 11 might be internet explorer or Microsoft win explorer or just explorer, etc.) in that list. Hope this helps.
  13. Executive Order signed 12/22 allows 2018 property tax prepayment Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed an emergency Executive Order that will allow New Yorkers to prepay next year’s property taxes this year, before the new tax law takes effect. Payments must be postmarked by December 31, 2017. For more information, contact the tax collector for each client's county. The order authorizes localities to issue warrants for the collection of early property tax payments and to accept partial payment—allowing New Yorkers to pay a portion or all of their 2018 property taxes before the end of the year to keep the deductibility. Who to contact regarding prepayment eligibility Check with each client's tax receiver to see if your clients are eligible to make an early payment. The deadline is December 31, so you must act quickly. Deadline for prepayment Payments made by mail and postmarked on or before December 31, 2017, will be considered timely. If their county accepts online payments, your clients may pay online until 11:59 p.m., Sunday, December 31, 2017. For more information, see Executive Order #172.
  14. Chained CPI

    I am confused.. Is the C-CPI-U different from Chained CPI? Reason I am asking, there (to me) is a big difference " and what I understood Chained CPI to be - people make changes to their way of buying (find lessor expensive things/ways/etc.) to still have basically the same things purchased //// BUT not a lessor standard of living. Which always had me wondering anyway how :old people" like me might change my limited purchasing when I am almost already at the full extent of buying the lowest I can find (I AM CHEAP).
  15. Healthcare Mandate

    That is one of the BIG points --- the congress have no real idea of HOW ANY OF THIS ACTUALLY WORKS --- it is all theoretical to them. How it might really actually effect the taxpayers seems to be beyond them. Words mean things ---- is not a real concept apparently.//// more gibberish seems to be the way. I know it is old BUT "in confusion there is profit & power".