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  1. MO forms

    Missouri is way behind. Plus their two page tax return just morphed in a five page return.
  2. Help with Form 3115

    I need to fill out a 3115 for missed depreciation. I would like to know if anyone would be interested in being hired to fill it out for me.
  3. LLC for Liability Protection

    In Missouri there is an annual fee and an annual filing requirement with the Secretary of State for a corporation. No such requirements for an LLC.
  4. LLC for Liability Protection

    There is an LLC entity you can form that I believe is called a step LLC. Each LLC is it's own LLC and has liability protection from the other LLC's but all LLC's are under one umbrella (maybe it is just one LLC but however you do the "step" part separates the liabilities.) Since it is the same umbrella you could file only one Schedule C. I know you can do this with a Delaware LLC. I think you can now do this with a Missouri LLC. You might be able to do it in other states.
  5. TOTALLY non-tax but wow!

    We used to take our boy scouts to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, MO. It is known as the snow geese capital of the world. Eagles eat snow geese. In the fall there are at least 100,000 snow geese migrating south and they stop at the wildlife refuge. The eagles follow them. Two hundred to three hundred eagles. They also have a demonstration and show off 2 - 3 eagles inside a barn. They even let them fly around in there.
  6. Should I form an LLC?

    In Missouri, a corporation has an annual filing requirement with the Secretary of State and an annual fee. An LLC has no such requirement. It is easier to be an LLC taxed as an S corp than to be a real corporation.
  7. Amazon Spoofing Email

    I keep an air horn next to my phone.
  8. EFIN Verification

    In the Drake FAQ on what Drake requires for efiling one question says: How often do I need to register my EFIN? This is a one-time verification process. You do not need to re-send your EFIN document unless your EFIN number has changed.
  9. 941 Deposits/ Penalties

    I have not had the trust fund recovery penalty assessed against me but I was a signor on the bank account of a client whose payroll I processed and tax deposits i made. They missed one tax deposit and I immediately sent a letter to the bank demanding my name be removed as a signor on the account. I ask the bank for confirmation and I sent a copy of the letter to the client.
  10. 8332 new twist

    I do not see this as the mother being forced to sign the 8332 under duress. A divorce decree is negotiated. If the mother agreed to sign the 8332 I would guess that she got some other consideration which benefited her.
  11. Anyone hear from KC lately

    very valued
  12. From the instructions for the 4868: Qualifying for the Extension. To get the extra time you must: 1. Properly estimate your 2015 tax liability using the information available to you, 2. Enter your total tax liability on line 4 of Form 4868 3. File Form 4868 by the regular due date of your return. Although you are not required to make a payment of the tax you estimate as due, Form 4868 does not extend the time to pay taxes. I do not tell the IRS anything about withholding or any payments. I only need to estimate the liability not tell the IRS how it might get paid.
  13. I use last years tax liability.
  14. HSA limitation when older than 55

    I had one where she turned 70 and a half in 2015 and drake did not limit her IRA contribution. Softwares must have problems with birthdays.
  15. They walk among us.....

    Using a ten key by touch is best skill I ever learned.