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  1. And the child's age was on the left and not a scroll over to the right.
  2. The program is so unstable this year. I save the return after every few items entered for fear of losing the return. Reminds me of 2012 all over again.
  3. My question was when will they stop looking for 2019 returns and calculate off the 2018 returns. Yesterday, tomorrow, in a week? I do realize everything will settle out when the 2020 returns are filed.
  4. Have they actually announced the date when 2019 returns won't be reviewed for the stimulus figures?
  5. Darn, the file to delete is called the ecml file EntitlementDataStore.ecml This semi retirement is wacky at times...
  6. I should note that different version years have a different folder.
  7. It was easier to find than I thought. Mine is QB 2012 Pro so you type in the find window C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6 and it will open that folder. You might need to have the hidden files shown. Delete or rename the file to .old Then just run the repair setup from Control Panel, Programs, QB 2012. It kind of mash up some files but the Tool Hub repaired them. QB hates to be cloned!
  8. I'll look to see what I did first. The file to delete is in a weird spot. Then I had to use a quickbooks repair program called QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  9. I updated my Win 7 for free about 2 weeks ago and it's working perfectly. I also cloned it first and upgraded to 10 on the clone. Only issue was updating a Quickbooks patch which wasn't difficult.
  10. It has worked in the past to just add the 1120-S and the software will inform you that only one signature form is allowed and would you like to replace the 1040 with the 1120-S. It then makes the switch for you and your assets have been effectively moved. I've done this a few times in the past and hopefully it still works.
  11. Seems the program sometimes doesn't put the state in after you enter the zip code for the school.
  12. It's functional now, just sent in 2 returns. It's still early here out west.
  13. I don't allow shoe boxes. They can at least add their medical and everything else and write the total for me. No time for the extra work. Plus I hate trying to figure out if the medical is actually paid, an initial bill or what.
  14. What I noticed is that the reject is now only a warning about not indicating coverage or non-coverage. So if you really meant to check the box and didn't, and missed the warning it would still go through.
  15. According to the latest ATX blog line 61 will be soon be optional and not be rejected for no form 8965 and no checkmark!
  16. The 8867's are easy. After a few you just fly right through them.
  17. No go here either with ATX. Even with a blank 8965 it won't work. Jack must have the magic touch! Most clients say it's unaffordable regardless of the 8.13%. If only we could use "client math" instead.
  18. It sure seems like overkill at times but I have documentation from my daughter and son-in-law on my grandchildren. My next door neighbors do it also. No exceptions! It would seem like being overly cautious and thorough is the only method from now on. Might save some penalty money.
  19. It's the very first check box at the top of the 1099 Payer's Information page.
  20. I scared myself once like that and then realized they were in the 8825.
  21. Minimum of 15 hours of work each day but with 2 hours off on Saturday to watch my SPARTAN'S. GO GREEN!
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