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  1. Richcpaman

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    Lose the check. Send it to the great big shredder in the sky. Send her a statement for the fee. When she says I paid you what you are owed, $15.00, tell her "what check?" There was no check in there." Have her come back and GIVE YOU another $15 check. She won't but her claim of "paid in Full" is void... Have some fun with it. You are NOT going to get paid. So have some fun. Rich
  2. Richcpaman

    ATX Client Portal

    Can some expand on the use of the ATX-CCH Client Portal? And the E-Signature? How and why, and how much... Rich
  3. Richcpaman

    1031 exchange question

    You extend the return on the year of sale (2016) Then prepare the return with the 6252 included now that the transaction has closed. If you did not do it with the 2016 return, you have to amend and include it, along with P&I for the client. Sorry. Rich
  4. Richcpaman

    Summer Gathering

    Rich: The instigator of all this..... will be traveling Toronto. So... I think I will not be bringing the Crab Cakes I promised. Rich
  5. Richcpaman

    1041?? for decedents estate

    You prepared tax returns for the deceased right? Then the attorney steps in for $30k to prepare the estate work, right? Prepare the return correctly. Let him explain to the Bene's why they have to pay tax, because he distributed the $$ to soon. ANd did not retain an amount to pay the taxes. And yes, the Bene's are at a probably lower tax bracket. Rich
  6. Richcpaman

    I love this new client!

    Great news! Rich
  7. Richcpaman

    Efile Mandate

    I will never have a client sign that IRS form stating that they wanted to "paper File". I efile all my returns, except those that can't be efiled for whatever reason, and that reason is usually the fault of the IRS. If, and that is very unlikely IF, the IRS ever questioned the 4-5 paper copies I file every year (out of 600), I would literally laugh in their face. Rich
  8. Richcpaman

    Retrospective look at 2017 tax filing season

    Jim: My thoughts on some of these: I use them, to sort items into a consistent order, and indicate missing items. You are right, each practice is different. But they work for me and mine. I meet with the clients and get what is needed. Sort info and ask questions. I will not do a return in front of a client. tomato/Toemato. But I do want to institute a "fast Track" process for the easier returns. I had my first experience with this last year. I have one now, do they apply after the fact? Retiree's since about 2006 have the amount filled in, those prior to that, it was the same deduction as last year. But still, PITA. The tax software should carry over that you are doing Simplified General Rule and just calc it for you. I thought that were using this as a indicator to the IRS that the W-2 would match what the employer sent. No. Its just an algorithm of the numbers on the W-2 that a scammer can create. Stupid. Certainly appreciate this info now. However, we still have to be careful. The cost basis amount on the 1099-B may not be the same as in the detail worksheets. Reviewing the detail has saved my clients nice dollars. Some of mine: Learning from AbbyNormal how to do extra customization of the "master" forms to speed things up. How much longer until the IRS slips April 15th to the 30th or May 15th? Why won't ATX let us, after we have created an extension client Efile, continue to work on that file without blowing up the extension efile... Now that Direct to Charity RMD's are permanent, the IRS needs to add the box to the 1099-R for any amounts sent to charity. Those CP-2000's are getting tiresome. Does anyone here use the Client Portal as provided by ATX/CCH? The ATX system this year was pretty stable. Seems that my wireless network was the one slowing me down. I am going to cut back on client visits or times next year. Instead of 1/2 hour, 20 minutes. Rich
  9. Richcpaman

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    I took my staff to dinner at a local restaurant. We ate, drank and laughed for two hours. My receptionist had her baby on April 12th, so we had a 5 day old baby boy at the table with us. My wife and I will relax at home tonight. Rich
  10. Richcpaman


    Want your invoice to go up? Make that statement to me.... Bingo. Higher fee. Sure, shake your box, it knows the answer for you. Rich
  11. Richcpaman

    MeF is down

    None of us are filing with the IRS. Maybe you Drake users are, but us ATX'ers are filing with CCH when we hit send, and they in turn, warehouse and then forward to the IRS and States. Rich
  12. Richcpaman

    VENT - The Geniuses

    Didn't your client just do a rollover within 60 days? Or did he take all the cash? Or put it in a non retirement account? Did he think he was putting it into a retirement account?
  13. Richcpaman

    Rant: Client's that don't set up their voicemail

    Yes... I hate that. And, if you are not sure that you have the right number, you don't know if you got the right person as well. Rich
  14. Richcpaman

    Final "Star" week 4/7 - 4/17/18

    Today. Saturday, April 14th... 4:00 PM. THE POWER GOES OUT. Sheesh. Nap time. Rich
  15. Richcpaman


    Ron: Congrats to you and your team. You tend to front load things, I tend to back load it.. 600 in the system for me, 78 to go as of this moment to get done. That is 25 a day. Slice of pastry. Everyone is extended. Of that 78, 9 have not been worked on and 24 waiting on info.. Rich