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  1. early on you could find stim 1 & 2 for taxpayer under "where's my stimulus"(or something like that). that was shut down after awhile but way too early why a confusing debit card was issued is a complete mystery to me...irs morons
  2. what is the college/university?
  3. mine for several years...and it has been more than adequate maybe an early new (2015) 3rd gen intel i5...upgraded 8+mg ram years ago and r&red every other year way more than enough (over kill) hard drive memory...1G? i don't do pictures, memories, or music...only a social site or two...just the facts "mam" computer prices are so cheap compared to near and far ago prices i am thinking of going to a current gen i5 or i7...solid state...and anything else you can think of
  4. duh newbie...waiting for godot actually pacun's questions are useful for a discussion on its own...i may start one
  5. god bless you margaret cpa blood line inheritance is a compelling attraction still as you reference, positively influencing another blood line can do more social/cultural/genetic good than direct blood lines as a general cliché: blood is thicker than water...but often just barely and sometimes not at all
  6. what if the return has already been efiled and accepted with a balance due and a set date for a direct debit from a checking account on 3/30/20 can a change to a later date for payment only be done by an amended return
  7. local large corn processing plant was sued over odor/particulate pollution damages by individuals in a two mile radius of the plant it was finally settled against the corporation client received a 1099misc/box 3/other income from the corporation in the amount of $4000 taxable? not taxable? any suggestions?
  8. lol, ​varying, yes. still, most of the 1099r answers on this thread were wrong. pay your money (none) and take your chances. and yes, 3rd party sick pay (box1/w2 & box 12/code j) also qualifies for eic.
  9. i agree with joel. 1099r, code 3, and under min retirement age (check the box on 1099r screen) gets amount to line 7 (earned income) and also generates an eic process. the other times you said this has been talked about confirmed line 7 and eic.
  10. a number of years ago, a local long distance trucking company had the bright idea of going to a 1099misc after always doing a w2. i'm guessing they had 25+ drivers. within 2 tax return cycles, the irs hammered them for unreported back employer and i believe employee fica...plus substantial penalty with interest. there may have been a claim for unreported fed withholding...although that may have been settled. why? my deduction... when the drivers filed their returns, even assuming they (or their tax preparers) did it correctly on a sch c, many/most of them had no money (since they had no prior fed or fica withholding on a w2) to pay the lump sum fed and se tax liability from a sch c. that got irs attention. it's not nice to fool with mother nature.
  11. SCL


    I support any positive/negative jainen posts. I or jainen...it's all good. several/many years ago, when I ran across jainen on other dearly departed boards (and here)... I fantasized about living the good life (like jainen) on the california (carmel?) coast. you go boy!!!
  12. from responses, drake is alright, alright, alright!! they have had their act together for many years...esp, when cch/atx's network program went seriously south 4? years ago. still, over the last 2 years, cch/atx has substantially recovered from its prior debacle.
  13. my latest mo when i get an 'indian' accent robo call. i tell them to quit bothering me...go suck off a cow...and hang up. they don't like that and haven't called back!
  14. i believe the 1099r will already incorporate the general rule and show/take into account the (fed) gross distribution and taxable distribution...plus the taxable state distribution (manually adjusted on the iowa return).
  15. SCL

    Efile 2013 1099's

    1099 misc efiles good to the end of march!
  16. my question? based on your 15 person/2000 return and a rough estimate of ?$400k+ gross receipts office... why don't you already know the best tax program for your business? your need is possibly beyond atx/drake and into the upper level world of pro series, lacerte, etc.
  17. stick a fork in one desk...please. go back to atx. atx is functional...it seems to me about the same money for fed 1040/3 states/100efiles.
  18. gail...for me, it would depend on the amount of time (your billing) to reconstruct the 'non ded' ira basis verses potential client tax savings. many years ago i told clients, if you contribute to non ded iras i will not be able to follow your basis...so don't do it. at the time, other wage deductible options were developing...401k, etc it is possible the prep time/client tax savings trade off could favor the client...if the non ded basis is 'large' enough. if not, take the short cut road and claim the distribution as income and move on.
  19. Because of my workload decrease, I decided to forgo completing any CPE courses and will let my CPA certification lapse into "retired" status effective 12/31/2015. I assume my status will be as an Unenrolled Practitioner, while in that status what are my options to maintain my EFIN and PTIN for 2016, preparing & e-filing 2015 tax year returns? Will I nevertheless be required to obtain some type of CPE credits? i believe...unenrolled paid practitioner = paying your $65 PTIN renewal. it gets you efin/efile ability...no cpe credits needed.
  20. - welcome jim taxes...a newbie? - jump in often with your tax knowledge.
  21. bump...to keep this current thought active.
  22. i am not totally clear on the facts. "no exception, no tax (withholding?)"...what does that mean? code number? are you saying you think you are liable for the 10% tax penalty on early withdrawal...just because you didn't report it on the tax return? no way.
  23. as karen lee said, the rtrp requirement was thrown out...so i don't believe there is any "official" rtrp credential/status. personally, i wish the requirement would have held up. at the time, i also jumped through the hoops and passed the rtrp. over all it was a good experience for me. i learned some new tax things and also learned i knew many tax things.
  24. $65 is not much...forest/trees? i don't have a problem with it. i see it as a small attempt by the irs to weed out the barber, gas station attendant, monkey's uncle, or anyone who thinks they can prepare and efile a tax return with little or no barriers to entry.
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