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From another newsgroup:

Phishers are getting more sophisticated.

We got an email inquiry. Said they were referred by a tax pro we'd never heard of who "was retiring"

We replied that we were interested in talking with them. We got this response:

"Thanks for your response.

 Please View Docs of copy my ID, copies of my last year Tax return details, W-2, 1099 form, year-end investment tax statements, bank interest, mortgage interest, property taxes, medical expenses, contributions and all other supporting documents.  I am prepared to pay all professional fees as requested of me.

I have uploaded all documents on Google docs, kindly click on Google docs to view and download my documents with any of your email account."

The link was not to Google Docs and nothing was shared to us on Google Docs.

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I've received about 4 or 5 of these this year.  Title of e mail is usually here's my tax return docs or here's my 1040 from last year.  There is always someone's name and they have mentioned Google Docs.   I replied to the first one with a request for them to identify themselves.  No answer.  Now I just delete before opening. 

I brought this up on the ATX board and someone who also rec'd these e mails said he just sends them an engagement letter to sign.  That made me smile.

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7 hours ago, TAXMAN said:

I received one this AM that sys "Hello you did my return 2 years ago. Attached is my w-2 and 1099 and a copy of last year". BTY there was no attachment. Delete ASAP.

Received same as stated.  I did reply (only) asking for phone and best times to call --- guess what --- no replies???????

   s/      Must be a government employee with spare time, just playing around till busy ....

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Received this morning spoofing one of my biz clients:

Request for Employee W-2s

Email from ROBERT CAREY: Request for Employee W-2s

8:55 AM
Hi Rita,

Could you please forward me a pdf copy of all employees' W2s? I would like to make a quick review.


sent from my iPhone
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I don't open attachments from anyone unless I have spoken with them in advance.  This even includes my sister who is always emailing me cartoons and such.  Virtually nobody does business on an unsolicited basis via email, so I think it's wise take that same position regarding emails from "potential" clients. It's almost always gong to be a scam - strictly trash-box worthy.


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That's why this supposedly-within-the-same-biz email probably catches a few that would never open a link nor Reply to an outsider without checking with their boss.  This supposedly came from the boss.  It was well written, and at a large company probably gathers a lot of W-2s.  Even when you hover over the Sender's email address, you get the same email address, but both are formatted wrong for my client.  The phisher set up an email address to receive W-2 copies that uses the company's own domain name.   Luckily, this is a tightly held S-corp with a specific formatting to their email addresses, a Paychex binder kept in the supposed sender's closet, and he uses an Android, so it stood out to me.  I warned his staff, just in case.

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2 hours ago, JohnH said:

This even includes my sister who is always emailing me cartoons and such. 

My cousin sends me stuff ALL the time, and it used to be just a link.  I have taught her to include *words* to me such as "Hi Catherine yes I've been to this link it's OK - Norma" and then I'll trust it.

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