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  1. Final "Star" week 4/7 - 4/17/18

    My vote would be to have it continue where someone could wind up being two or three time annual star winner. I could see it now, Abby and Rita in their office proudly wearing their awards, makes it easier to raise prices due to merit, in case client gives an argument.
  2. Final "Star" week 4/7 - 4/17/18

    Thank you Judy, great job, hope you do this again next year. Well needed laughs and diversion. You should get a star for being the earliest riser on here, I see why you get so much done.
  3. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    Headed out early this morning to my getaway in the country. Arrived at 5 am and it was snowing! It stopped at about 7 and I cleaned up all the downed branches and fixed the plow damage. I loved it, no thinking and my back aches but it feels so good. Got a haircut and a great lunch with a friend in my favorite Greek restaurant, ate and drank with a smile knowing I'm done. Just got back and this is the first place I went to check. Glad to see everyone is having a good time. I'll be in bed early....very early. Best to everyone, you did good, we should all be proud of ourselves.
  4. 3:35, wow! I am impressed Margaret. Take care of that knee. I've gone elliptical and no more knee pain. Keeping the quadriceps strong ended my buckling problem.
  5. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    My client spoke to SSA and they confirmed that she was not deceased. SSA said they would send an alert to IRS and I will try e filing again in a few weeks.
  6. Desiree Linden, she'll be on the Wheaties Box if not already. I forgot she was in the London and Rio Olympics. I was so choked up because she is the first American woman to win Boston (a tough run) since 1985, I didn't even know her name until the last half hour while I was finishing up some extensions and watching in awe that she could win. This was huge. And of course so many other Americans finished up there in the top five. What a day, with weather like this it makes you say to yourself, anything is possible.
  7. And in driving wind and rain, what a rush! Women all over America should be proud. Way to go girl!
  8. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    This is strange. I have no idea other than some computer or human malfunction. I'll let you know what my client finds out. Also, to correct the quote from the famous shrink, should be "Be Alive, until you're dead."
  9. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    I decided to have client mail in an Extension with payment and instructed her to watch to see if it is cashed. She will try rectifying this with SSA by phone as she is a busy professional. May take awhile for her to get down to the SSA office. She thinks this is really funny as we've had some back and forth banter (I've been calling her Casper and after I tried resubmitting I offered condolences). I also told her what you guys said and she will use Mark Twain's quote, she loved that. She doesn't think we have a sick sense of humor, she's a Psycho Analyst and has heard worse. She did say there is a famous Freudian psychiatrist who summed up death pretty well, he said "You're alive until you're dead." I think I learned that is Psych 101. My curiosity now is if she gets her SS check, 3rd Wednesday every month, we'll soon find out. If not I predict she will find the time to get down to the office.
  10. Rant: Client's that don't set up their voicemail

    Without a way to get a timely message to or response from them, especially at this late in the game, it serves them right if we are unable to file anything. I've got a few that just disappear and reappear like nothing is wrong.
  11. Stay safe!

    Wow! That looks like a winter sporting event to see who can stop the vehicle and avoid getting crushed. You have a beautiful backyard, no wonder you have big wine glasses.
  12. Stay safe!

    I think our Sunday and Monday in MA is no bargain as well. Feel bad for the runners in the Boston Marathon Monday, may be no new records set.
  13. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    She will be calling SS on Monday. I wanted her to do a walk-in but she does work, and walk ins are available in Pittsfield MA if she can make it. I did consider ID theft too, but didn't mention it to her as I thought maybe SS # would be shut off, but your idea to pull the credit reports is a good idea so I will advise that. As Catherine mentioned, I did have her check her bank account and last deposit went in on 3/21, so the 4/21 deposit is crucial to her being dead or alive. My thought is also an input error somewhere in the SS bureaucracy. After all, nobody's perfect. My thanks to everyone for your responses, and for Possi making me laugh...more than once.
  14. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    I spoke with client and she remembers getting a correspondence from SSA to confirm her appointment. She had no appointment. She also thinks it's her ex wishing her dead.
  15. Never had this but Reject says; The primary SSN in the Return Header has been locked b/c SSA records indicate the # belongs to a deceased person. Now I know she's alive and well. She owes so do we file paper if not rectified after the weekend? She's only one on return. She better not be dead because SSA is sending her monthly checks and she owes me money.